A day to learn more about environmental careers through apprenticeships

Current and future apprenticeship masters and tutors, apprentice-engineers currently in their first year of the program and the next class of apprentices, companies and partners are invited to talk about work-study opportunities, job openings and skills assessments.

On the program:

  • news about apprenticeship at UniLaSalle
  • variety of situations in Environmental Engineering,   
  • testimonies of apprentices in the form of a 3-minute pitch   
  • panorama of positions and sectors of activity,   
  • round-table discussion and debate with the audience: skills assessments, evolution of the apprenticeship booklet   
  • workshops giving the floor to apprenticeship masters and student-apprentices: good practices and support by the school's CFA

This is a first at UniLaSalle Rennes | School of Environmental Professions! The pedagogical team and the Career Center guided by Dany Hulot, in charge of apprenticeship in Rennes, are looking forward to it.

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