Through the concept of integral training, UniLaSalle intends to create the optimal conditions for each young person to get to know themselves better, open up to others and develop their talents. The implementation of the UniLaSalle educational project is facilitated by the direction of the Educational Mission and Student Life, which accompanies and encourages students in their projects.

The three axes of our educational project

The attention given to each young person entrusted to us

The educational accompaniment of students is UniLaSalle's first mission. Our teams are attentive and personalized to each of our students, in the follow-up of their schooling, in helping them organize events, in paying attention to their difficulties.

A tutoring program is set up for first-year students to support their entry into higher education.

Involvement of all

Our educational project implies the involvement of everyone in the life of the school. Direction of the educational mission and student life, associate professors, administrative personnel, students... All share the same values:

  • A sense of community
  • Respect for self and others
  • The ability to engage   
  • The sense of justice   
  • The commitment to fight against poverty

UniLaSalle also draws on the good educational practices implemented in other Lasallian establishments, with which our school maintains frequent contact, both in France and internationally.

It is this involvement of all in the educational project that makes UniLaSalle unique.

Commitment and responsibility as a vector of fulfillment

At UniLaSalle, we believe that the involvement of our students in community life and more generally in the life of the school is a unique experience of learning responsibility. This extra-academic training is the 6pm/8am.

The involvement of students in the life of the school and their empowerment is one of the key points of Lasallian pedagogy. It is concretized at UniLaSalle by a rich student life, whether on our site in Rouen or on our campus in Beauvais.

Recognizing and valuing informal skills with OpenBadges

Experiences, associative commitments, projects carried out during or in parallel with the academic curriculum are all opportunities for our students to acquire informal skills that are sometimes complex to identify.

UniLaSalle has decided to recognize and value these skills through OpenBadges, a digital accreditation system created in 2011 by the MacArthur and Mozilla foundations, by signing the Bologna Declaration for open recognition. This project is fully in line with the concept of "integral training" so dear to UniLaSalle.

The creation of the UniLaSalle Bagdes began on the Rouen campus thanks to the regional dynamic "Badgeons la Normandie". It has now been extended to the whole group for the benefit of all learners and employees, with already 45 badges and more than 600 student beneficiaries. This recognition of the Institute allows students to promote their skills to future recruiters.


The IES program

The success of our student-engineers also lies in their state of mind, in the fact that they never take things for granted, that they are constantly in a state of progress, construction and development.

The IES program - Innovate, Undertake, Serve - aims to make our students the actors of their future and to encourage them to contribute positively to their environment.

The IES program is...


  • Innovate through open, social and solidarity-based innovation projects ;   
  • Entrepreneurship by taking responsibility in campus associations or by carrying out entrepreneurial projects ;   
  • To serve the common good of the school, student life or public utility associations;   
  • To serve those who need it by developing solidarity actions and benevolent and fraternal helping relationships.

The Direction of the Educational Mission and Student Life (DMVE), a key player in our educational project

a team that listens to students

When you arrive at UniLaSalle, you will discover in the DMVE a team that will be totally dedicated to you:

  • To help you get your bearings and facilitate your integration within your campus;   
  • To offer you an attentive listening ear in complete confidentiality;   
  • To guide you in your choices and commitments, both on a personal and academic level.

In addition to individual and personalized follow-up, the DMVE organizes numerous health prevention and awareness actions for students on the major social problems that concern them: drugs, alcohol, sexuality, etc.