Spring semester
in nutritional sciences

The Spring semester in Nutritional Sciences focuses on understanding the complex relationships between food, eating habits and human health as a public issue.

The curriculum includes courses in human physiology, nutrition, nutrigenomics, and nutraceuticals with a focus on European or Mediterranean nutrition and health.

The program runs from January to May.

The strong points of the training

  • The entire program is taught in English   
  • French as a foreign language course included for international students (2 ECTS credits / 1 US credit)   
  • 7 themes covered   
  • 30 ECTS credits / 15 US credits   
  • Certificate issued by UniLaSalle

The training program

Schedule spring NS


The Spring Semester in Nutritional Sciences is designed for students studying agriculture or food science.

Since the course is taught in English, an advanced or intermediate level of English is required, i.e:

  • a minimum TOEIC score of 785   
  • or a minimum score of 567 on the TOEFL (or 227 on the TOEFLcbt and 87 on the TOEFLibt)   
  • or a minimum IELTS score of 5.5.

Selection on file
Application deadline: October 1st

Any incomplete application or one submitted after the deadline may be rejected.

Accommodations: a housing form will be sent to students as part of the admission procedure in order to book and rent a room on campus.

Tuition fees and other costs

  • You are an Erasmus exchange student and are registered in an Erasmus partner university: no tuition fees   
  • You are a bilateral exchange student and are registered in a partner university or one that has a cooperation agreement with UniLaSalle: no tuition fees   
  • Other cases : 3 500 € tuition fees, to which we add 50 € non-refundable registration fees

Excursions are included in the program tuition fees, except for the course "Field trip".

  • University residence: 493 € / month for a single room or 270 € / month for a shared room.
  • Insurance (health insurance / mutual insurance): about 200 € / year
  • Food : about 3,30 € / meal (breakfast is free)
  • Public transportation: 8 € per month
  • Equipment required: lab coat, laptop, adapter for plugs
  • Campus infrastructure package: 135 €.
  • Excursions : 5-day field-trip : 300 €



Incoming Student Coordinator
+33 (0)3 44 06 00 39