The Humanities, Management and Digital Department brings together teachers and associate professors in the humanities & social sciences and digital technology.

Issues, challenges and positioning

The Humanities, Management and Digital Department provides cross-disciplinary training in the fields of management, marketing and management, in line with UniLaSalle's specialties in the earth, life and environmental sciences.

Competences and teams

The Humanities, Management and Digital Department is composed of XX associate professors and brings together a wide range of skills:   

  • management, finance, economics, business intelligence and strategic intelligence,   
  • human sciences (sociology and psychology),   
  • team management, HRM,   
  • project management,   
  • communication,   
  • negotiation, trade-sales-distribution,   
  • legal and political sciences,   
  • office automation,   
  • programming, databases, GIS, 3D modeling, virtual reality, 3D printing, Data Science, digital simulations,   
  • mathematics,   
  • management system (QHSE),   
  • circular economy,   
  • corporate social responsibility (especially in the food industry)

He participates in UniLaSalle's research activities, notably within the Interact UP 2018.C102 unit (Innovation, Territory, Agriculture & Agroindustry, Knowledge and Technology).

The Humanities, Management and Digital Department is also involved in the Agromachinery and New Technologies Chair.


The Humanities, Management and Digital Department is involved in all the engineering training courses offered on the Beauvais campus. It is also involved in the Chair in Risk Management in Agriculture and works with companies in the context of lifelong learning.

He deploys his skills in the service of companies in the framework of services, particularly in the fields of :   

  • Digital: crystallography, terrain modeling, volcanology, paleontology, bio-mimicry, oceanography, etc.   
  • of the management : Support for the implementation of ISO 9 001 / ISO 14 001 / ISO 26 000 / ISO 45 001 standards and internal audits and QHSE certification.

A member of the PEPITE network, the department carries UniLaSalle's entrepreneurial dynamic by participating in AgTech, FoodTech, EarthTech and by organizing creative workcamps.

The equipment

The teams of the Humanities, Management and Digital department rely on :

  • The GeoLab, an educational space dedicated to innovation and research in geosciences
  • Software applied to management and digital: Microsoft Office Pack, Adobe suite, C - Java - Python languages, 3DEXPERIENCE platform (CATIA, SIMULIA, 3DEXCITE), ArcGIS, MetaShape, etc.   
  • Mindview, MS Project, TeamGantt, Teams

They trust us

Groupama - Dassault Systèmes - Région Hauts de France - Crédit Agricole - BeicipFranlab - Musée Albert de Lapparent - Repsol - Schlumberger - CD95 - B2R