Associate professor in Agroecology and Crop Systems

Campus de Rouen Département d'enseignement : Agrobiosciences
Agronomy / agriculture

Areas of interest

  • Mycorrhizae   
  • Agroforestry   
  • Soil microbiology   
  • Statistical and bioinformatics processing of sequencing data


2014 - 2017 : PhD in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology and Plant Improvement (UCAD Dakar and University of the West Indies)

2010 - 2012 : Master in Agroforestry Ecology and Adaptation (UCAD Dakar)

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My activities

Initial training

  • Optional module 1st year engineer : Tree, you said tree but what do trees tell us ?   
  • Biogeochemical cycle and ecosystem functioning/tree   
  • Agronomy 1: Soil, climate   
  • Population genetics   
  • Module Biological indicators of soil condition

Professional training

  • Professional training on Mycorrhizae
  • A better understanding of plant-soil-microorganism interactions in order to enhance the potential of soil symbiotic microbial communities to improve plant and crop productivity   

  • Study of the mycorrhizal status of soils   

  • Cultural practices favourable to mycorrhization as a relevant and operational indicator of soil biological quality

Research project

  • MYCOAGRA project (2017/2020) led by the Chamber of Agriculture of Dordogne "Interests of MYCOrhization in AGRicultural and Agroforestry practices": promoting agricultural practices favorable to the establishment of mycorrhizal symbiosis in soils


Academic, scientific and industrial partnerships

  • Plant Biology Department, Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar   
  • Senegalese Institute of Agricultural Research (ISRA/Dakar), Joint Microbiology Laboratory   
  • Higher Institute of Professional Education (ISEP) of Matam (Senegal)   
  • Directorate of Technical Cooperation_PAISD/Senegal   
  • Ecole Cours Sainte Marie de Hann in Dakar   
  • Senegalese American Bilingual School (SABS)   
  • CIRAD Montpellier, UMR BGPI Biology and Genetics of Plant-Pest Interactions
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Babacar THIOYE
Associate professor in Agroecology and Crop Systems