Associate professor in culinary practice and health

Campus de Beauvais Département d'enseignement : Nutrition Science and Health
Food and Health / Nutrition

Associate professor in culinary practice and health
Nutritional sciences and health

Holder of a PhD

In a few words

Previously a researcher at INSERM, then at CNRS, then in a Franco-American pharmaceutical company, I joined UniLaSalle in 1998. In 2001, I initiated the concept of Food and Health, which is illustrated today through the engineering training of the same name. I successively set up and developed the institute's preclinical and clinical trials platform, then the culinary practice platform.


  • Immunonutrition
  • Cuisine
  • Cancerology

I am in charge of the "Culina (Culinary techniques and valorization of raw materials)" 4th year course - Food & Health Specialization

Since 2010, I have been developing an approach to nutritional support for cancer patients in order to alleviate the side effects of treatment through culinary solutions (at home or in collective catering).

  • Communication agencies and culinary R&D centers
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Oise Committee of the League against Cancer


  • Hospitals
  • Food industry
  • Commercial and collective catering companies
  • "Produits alimentaires: faites le bon choix". Éditions Larousse 2013, 580 pages.