LaSalle O3 is a research and development facility for ozone applications in the fields of agro-industry, food, the environment and plant chemistry.

Research areas

  • Disinfection and stabilization of bio-based products (disinfection of fresh and/or dried products);
  • Remediation of agricultural and agro-industrial effluents (process water, wash water and/or irrigation water);
  • Green chemistry and advanced chemistry applied to bio-based fractions (new synthesis procedures using bio-based precursors)
  • Industrial applications for organic waste and agricultural by-products (lignocellulosic biomass deconstruction, functionalization of materials)

Testing and analysis methods

  • 900m² technology facility
  • Ozone generation: several OZONIA discharge ozone generators with varying production capacities (from 10g to 1.5kg of O3/h)
  • Ozone generation systems: several instrumented generation systems enabling the following reactions:
    • gas/liquid, whether for Newtonian fluid (max. 2.0m3) or not (max. 20L)
    • gas/separated solid (max. 50kg) and gas/crude solid (max. 80kg)

These reactions can be performed with a molecular or free-radical approach using various activation methods (chemical, sonochemical, etc.)

  • Associated characterization laboratories: analytical chemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, microscopy, sensory analysis


LaSalle O3 hosts the FUI OZONE2020 project, accredited by the IAR, AXELERIA and TERRALIA competitive clusters and sponsored by Suez Environnement.

Its resources also enable it to use its own patents and transfer its technologies to industry partners at national and international level (DUNAVIA, PAULIC, SOLIANCE-GIVAUDAN, AGCO).