The corporate chair is a teaching and/or research program, supported by one or more companies, over several years (3 to 5 years).

The themes of the Chairs are chosen at the crossroads of the expertise of the higher education institution and the challenges of one or more companies or economic sectors.

A chair may include specific research programs and training modules focused on its theme. When the chair is funded by patronage, the research topics must be of general interest. The research results, which belong to the chair and therefore to the school hosting it, are communicated to the general public (publications, conferences, etc.).

Employees of the company may participate in the Chair's training modules for students.

For the company, the Chair has the advantage of advancing research on the scientific themes that interest it. In terms of teaching, the chair makes it possible, via more or less numerous training modules, to raise awareness and train students on its own issues. The chair is a means of giving visibility to the company and encouraging applications from students.

For the educational institution, the chair is a means of obtaining flexible funding to develop academic teaching and/or research projects. The chair is also a factor of attractiveness for a school by highlighting its expertise on a subject.

Chairs can be financed by patronage: 60% of the sums invested will then be deductible from corporate tax.