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"From Assas to Cergy-Pontoise [editor's note: the school was formerly based in Cergy], it was five years of complete training, both in geosciences and in human relations. This was followed by six professional years in the oil industry (petrophysicist, exploration/production), in a research office (hydrogeology, environment and geotechnics) and then in the regional geological service of BRGM (natural risks, hydrogeology, environment), during which I confirmed the comprehensive and multidisciplinary nature of this training.

Then, in 2005, I joined the Danone group as a hydrogeologist for the French branch of the Water Division (Badoit, Salvetat, Evian, Volvic...). This is a multi-faceted position combining technical aspects such as the search for new resources (geology, geophysics, hydrogeology, drilling, etc.) with more political and managerial aspects (preservation of the resource by implementing protection policies, sustainable management practices for the players in the same basin and the plants, etc.). The R&D axis is also part of the game to improve our knowledge of hydrogeological systems, to develop new tools and new methods for investigation and hydrogeological monitoring, this in association with university research centers and research institutes...

After a few years dedicated to France, I joined an international department, working on the same subjects but on resources exploited throughout the world. I took the responsibility of Spain and Latin America.

I recently took a new turn in my career within Danone by joining the Spanish company of the group. I am in charge of local water resources and am facing new professional challenges with a QHSE and industrial processes focus."

Portrait extracted from the magazine Trait d'Union de LaSalle Beauvais Alumni n°376, published in the 1st quarter of 2015. Interview: Cyrielle DUMONT (Geology, 2010).