Associate professor in Geosciences

Campus de Beauvais Département d'enseignement : Géosciences Unité de recherche : B2R
Géologie / géosciences

Areas of expertise

  • Sedimentary basins   
  • Geoarchaeology


  • Holder of a HDR   
  • PhD. in Earth Sciences

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My activities

In research, my main fields of interest are :

  • petroleum exploration: sedimentology, paleoecology and geometry of reservoirs, diagenesis of carbonate reservoirs, tectono-sedimentary (Middle East, Mediterranean, United States, Russia), geology of the Paris Basin.   
  • Geoarchaeology: geomorphology and site environment, origin of lithic and ceramic materials, stratigraphy, paleo environment of deposition (France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Oman, Emirates).


  • Member of the B2R research team
  • Research, studies, consulting in :       
    • cartography       
    • analysis of rocks and materials with petrographic microscope       
    • geomorphology       
    • conservation of geological and archaeological heritage

Module leader in the Geosciences engineering program.

Academic, scientific and industrial partnerships

  • University of Delft ;   
  • University of Catania,   
  • University of Basilicata ;   
  • University of Messina
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Associate professor in Geosciences