Lundi 05 septembre 2022

The pedagogical team has created a digital vacation notebook to make future veterinary students work during the summer.

To prepare for the demands and pace of veterinary studies, veterinary students received a digital vacation notebook at the end of their registration at UniLaSalle.  

This joint initiative of the Pedagogical Innovation Department and the Veterinary School, in collaboration with the Pedagogical Support Unit, UniLaSalle's teacher-researchers and a team of 10 veterinarians, made it possible to produce a digital vacation notebook covering the 7 weeks of student vacations, which is automatically issued to new students at the beginning of each week.

The students were able to benefit from 7 digital capsules contributing to the maintenance of fundamental sciences, the discovery of working methods, the knowledge of the veterinary and animal environment through articles and interviews with experts, in the form of academic or playful activities. A set of 20 evaluations led the students to 7 validation badges for the activities.

The students will be able to start the new school year on September 5th with a maintained or reinforced academic base, limiting the gaps linked to the options chosen in high school - and by mastering the pedagogical platform before the start of the academic year on Monday September 5th.

infographie cahier de vacances véto UniLaSalle


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