Mercredi 18 janvier 2023

Congratulations to Désiré for his thesis on the valorization of different biomass ashes and sunflower particles in biosourced building materials: relationship between composition and structure properties.

Désiré NDAHIRWA, doctoral student in civil engineering, specialized in physical chemistry of biosourced and cementitious materials, member of the research unit Transformations and Agro-resources, team VAM²IN, validated his doctoral thesis following his defense on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, which took place at UniLaSalle Rouen.

His work related to the "valorization of various ashes of biomass and particles of sunflower in biosourced building materials: relation composition structure properties".

The whole UniLaSalle team congratulates Désiré for obtaining his thesis!


- Bernard KUREK Research Director, University of Reims Champagne Ardennes Rapporteur
- Mohammed SONEBI University Professor, University of Belfast, UK Rapporteur
- Irini DJERAN MAIGRE University Professor, INSA Lyon, Examiner
- Daniel LEVACHER Professor emeritus, University of Caen Normandie Examiner
- Stéphane HANS Researcher ENTPE Vaux en Velin Guest
- Hélène LENORMAND Associate Professor, UT&A ULR 7519 UniLaSalle Rouen, Member of the jury
- Hafida ZMAMOU In charge of research, UT&A ULR 7519 UniLaSalle Rouen, Member of the jury
- Nathalie LEBLANC Vice Director UT&A ULR 7519 Univ Artois UniLaSalle Rouen Thesis Director

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