Normand Serre is an experimental research and development station dedicated to the production and valorization of plants. It federates in Normandy the actors of plant and agronomic sciences with the aim of proposing innovative solutions to meet the economic and environmental constraints of agriculture and territories.

Two main objectives:

  • To offer in the region a center of technological innovation for agricultural and agro-industrial sectors in the field of plants,   
  • To develop a research of academic excellence to support training in plant sciences and agro-ecology within Normandy University.

Fields of Research

Normand Serre is a tool serving four main areas of research :

  • The study of plant pathologies and the experimentation of new biological control strategies (preventive diagnosis, bio-control, plant defense stimulators...),

Examples of crops studied: peas, flax, potatoes, horticultural and market gardening plants,

  • The functioning and preservation of soils (natural environments, integrated agriculture, organic agriculture, grassland, etc.) and the performance of cropping systems (multi-criteria economic, sociological, etc.).

Cropping systems studied: systems with plant cover, organic agriculture, grasslands, integrated agriculture, agroforestry,...

  • The identification of biopesticides, molecules of therapeutic and cosmetic interest and new ways of valorizing biomass (agromaterials, agrofuels...),

Examples of molecules studied: glycomolecules, proteins,...

  • Territory and eco-systemic services.

Examples of services studied: biodiversity, carbon storage, erosion control.

Normand Serre's facilities are used in the framework of research conducted by the Agri'Terr unit.

Main equipment


  • a 120 cm dynamic PCR hood with HEPA filter, retention tank and rolling cabinet   
  • a 120 cm horizontal laminar flow hood with side glass walls equipped with UV lamp, stainless steel worktop with anti-microbial coated retention tray   
  • 120 cm microbiological safety cabinet, stainless steel work surface with UV lamp retention tray, side windows


  • one Varioskanlux Thermo microplate reader   
  • a multiparameter photometric analyzer Le Gallery THERMO   
  • an infrared spectrometer


  • a 3D microscope VHX-5000

PCR device

  • QPCR device QS3 Life technology

In the process of installation

  • a phenotyping station


At the origin of Normand Serre, the Plant Research Network Agronomy Soils and Innovations (VASI) of the Grand Réseau Territoire Environnement Risque Agronomie (TERA) brings together research teams from the University of Rouen and UniLaSalle AGRI'TERR UP 2012-10-100 (UniLaSalle), ECODIV URA IRSTEA/EA 1293, Glyco-MEV UPRES-EA 4358 and LMSM EA 4312 (University of Rouen).