You have a business creation project and are looking for solutions to finance it? UniLaSalle is at your side!

Seed funds, calls for projects, business angels... Several solutions are available to you.

Strongly attached to a sustainable development approach, we will be particularly sensitive to the societal and environmental impact of your project at the time of selection committees.

Beauvais Technova, our seed fund

Reflecting UniLaSalle's strong desire to support the creation of companies in its areas of expertise, Beauvais Technova S.A.S is an investment fund developed in partnership with Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie.

Beauvais Technova provides financial support to companies in the seed phase, also known as Pre-Seed, by taking equity stakes in the start-up activities and development of young innovative companies.

The "young start-up" supported also benefits from privileged access to UniLaSalle's teams, networks and territorial ecosystems.

For more information on our Beauvais Technova seed fund or to apply, contact Gaëlle Kotbi.

Calls for projects

Following the example of Rev'Agro for the Beauvaisis region, many local authorities offer calls for projects with a budget allocated to financing the projects selected.

The calls for research projects to which UniLaSalle responds can also be the subject of a specific partnership with a carrier on a precise theme, in particular within the framework of the competitiveness clusters of which UniLaSalle is an active member.

Business Angels

Thanks to close collaboration between our Entrepreneurship team and the UniLaSalle Alumni association on all our campuses, we can put you in touch with a business angel or a super angel.

For any information on this scheme, contact Gaëlle Kotbi.

Gaëlle KOTBI