Lundi 04 avril 2022

During the month of March, the students of the association SolidariTerre animated several "sustainable development" workshops in the beauvaisian high schools.

Committed to the protection of the environment, students trained by the SolidariTerre association intervened and animated workshops "Mural of the Climate" within the high schools Felix Faure, Jeanne Hachette and the agricultural vocational school of Beauvais.

The Climate Fresco is an educational workshop aimed at understanding the systemic issues related to climate change. Through the construction of a giant fresco illustrating the actions and interactions of human activities on the environment, the fresco, once created, bears witness to the impact of human activities on its environment.

This initiative, launched in collaboration with Yannick Matura, deputy mayor of Beauvais, in charge of the climate challenge, has mobilized about 50 high school students who are particularly receptive to the issue. These exchanges have allowed to free the word and to approach the concrete solutions to bring.

The holding of these workshops by UniLaSalle students confirms the Institute's desire to disseminate its skills to the new generations.  

In this continuity, the next UniLaSalle climate fresco will be organized on April 22 for all first-year students on the Beauvais campus. A new opportunity to give our students the chance to take hold of this subject.


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