Mardi 31 janvier 2023

Advise, prevent, optimize the conditions of breeding and animal welfare. Many agricultural engineers work closely with veterinary teams. 

Thanks to his multidisciplinary training, the Agricultural Engineer has a wide choice of careers and can bring his expertise in several fields. Contrary to veterinary training, the engineer's mission is not to treat but to advise, prevent, manage and find technical solutions to ensure optimal conditions for animal husbandry and well-being.   

In companies or in technical institutes, he/she will, for example, take on consulting or development missions on the themes of feeding, reproduction and/or well-being. They may also hold positions of responsibility in genetic selection organizations, or join research teams.

Agronomy engineers and veterinarians may find themselves associated in veterinary clinics, particularly in advising breeders, or working together in multidisciplinary research and development teams.

For many years, UniLaSalle has positioned itself as an expert in the animal world through its agronomy engineering training, which offers wide-ranging opportunities and is truly complementary to veterinary training

An agronomist's course in the service of One Health

The agronomy engineering foundation aims to train engineers capable of meeting the challenges of One Health, a close link between human and animal health and ecological balance. From the very first years, courses are given to understand the animal as a whole through animal systematics, animal physiology or breeding systems... In its desire for innovation, content is also offered in the field of aquaponics or innovative production systems. The training, given in French or in English, provides a local or international dimension on these issues.  

These fundamentals enable students to specialize in professional courses leading to careers in the field of animal production (food, - nutrition, reproduction, breeding management).

In the 4th and 5th years of the curriculum, UniLaSalle offers two specializations (called career paths) dedicated to :

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Examples of internships related to the animal world in the engineering cycle?  

  • Genetic variability of the Trait du Nord breed (Centre Régional de Ressources Génétiques, Ferme du Héron)   
  • Impact of sow feeding on colostrum quality for piglets (Sanders)   
  • Well-being - Impact of the quality of bedding areas & rearing practices of dairy cows in the cheese industry (CERAQ)   
  • Ingestion and digestibility of reed silage by dairy heifers (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)