The Agri-food Production, Quality and Safety program trains students in :

  • control of processes and improvement of food production;   
  • control of nutritional and microbiological quality, from the agricultural product to the distributed product;   
  • risk management - understanding the agri-food industry.

Practical information

Details of the courses

  • Production management   
  • Process and process improvement   
  • Quality   
  • Industrial and food microbiology   
  • Food biochemistry   
  • Food physicochemistry   
  • Microbiology and food safety   
  • Sensometry   
  • Nutrition and health, Risk management in agri-food   
  • Food defense   
  • Agri-food industries   
  • Regulation and traceability of agri-food products   
  • International trade in agricultural and agri-food goods

Examples of specialty projects

  • Update of the HACCP file and improvement of the quality system in preparation for audits for renewal of IFS and ISO 22 000 certifications   
  • Optimization of the manufacturing processes within the framework of the implementation of a new production line   
  • Development of a new product range