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Health also comes from the plate. Our UniLaSalle engineers acquire solid skills in nutrition, food and health. Their skills give them access to careers in preventive health care, or in the agri-food industry.

With their passion for biology firmly anchored in their bodies, UniLaSalle engineers understand how the human body functions, as well as the chemistry of foods and ingredients. All this knowledge will come in handy when working for public health organizations, implementing prevention policies linked to food. This knowledge can also be used in the agri-food industry, to improve the nutritional value of foods or create new health-oriented products.

With their knowledge of microbiology, UniLaSalle engineers will also be working on food safety issues.


Notre formation en Alimentation et Santé
Nos experts santé sur Nutriradio

Chaque mardi de 16h à 17h, retrouve l'expertise des enseignants-chercheurs du collège Santé dans l'émission 100% Food, sur la webradio NutriRadio

Dans ce rendez-vous hebdomadaire, ils partageront leurs connaissances sur le futur de la nutrition et les dernières avancées en matière d'alimentation.

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