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Interested in innovation? Research and development is for you! Engineers who choose to specialize in agri-food are qualified to design tomorrow's food products. By mastering food processes, they contribute to innovation in the development of products that are beneficial to health and/or the environment.

These new food products are no accident! They are generally created in response to consumer expectations, which are constantly evolving. The role of the marketing department is precisely to detect these new trends and help the food industry to develop its product range accordingly. Here again, engineers who have chosen to specialize in the food industry have a key role to play, thanks to their technical skills and knowledge of the food market, particularly health-related products.

These engineers are also vigilant about food quality and safety. Their knowledge of microbiology and toxicology, as well as their mastery of health standards, enable them to guarantee the wholesomeness of processed foodstuffs and thus prevent risks to consumers.

Last but not least, their mastery of manufacturing processes and industrial organization systems enables specialized food engineers to manage production lines and optimize their operation in the food industry.

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