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The triple revolution - energy, digital and ecological - is forcing us to meet new challenges. Economic, ecological and social issues are driving changes in both awareness and regulations.

Electrical energy is a vector of development whose importance in all sectors of the economy no longer needs to be demonstrated.

The engineers we train are always on the lookout for environmentally-friendly energy solutions. With their sound knowledge of energy and electrical systems, they contribute to the design, analysis and development of renewable energies, the production of electrical equipment, the deployment of electric vehicles and the technical management of intelligent cities and buildings.

Right now, we need to save energy, make greater use of new and renewable energies, and efficiently regulate, control and manage the energy of all the systems and data flows that make buildings sustainable and responsible places.

All these skills are at the heart of UniLaSalle Amiens' engineering training.

The best energy is the energy we don't consume! To help companies improve their energy performance, environmental engineers analyze energy-intensive areas and propose technical solutions to reduce consumption.