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UniLaSalle is a Polytechnic Institute resulting from the merger of five engineering schools and the creation of a veterinary school. At the heart of the challenges of transition, it is shaping a new generation of Grande Ecole that unites the sciences of Life, Earth, Environment and Energy with industrial sciences and digital technologies.

Convinced that solutions to human and planetary challenges lie at the crossroads of science, UniLaSalle's strength lies in its interdisciplinarity and its broad spectrum of training courses, from bachelor's to doctorate.

A member of the worldwide La Salle Universities network, UniLaSalle has been pursuing its educational project for 170 years: to reveal the potential of each individual. It is based on a relationship of trust and a rich student experience, founded on a collective pedagogy that encourages action for the common good.

UniLaSalle is committed to building a more humane, fairer and more sustainable world together, through its research serving companies, sectors and regions, and through its training courses.

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How will UniLaSalle develop by 2025?

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A Lasallian school

Founded in 1854 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, whose action is driven by the educational precepts of John Baptist de La Salle, UniLaSalle belongs to one of the world's largest educational networks, the La Salle network.

Throughout the world, the network's 1,500 establishments, including 72 universities and colleges, share the same values of openness and humanism, advocating education for all.

They follow a unique pedagogical approach, based on personalized support for students, their involvement in the life of the school and the promotion of their sense of responsibility, particularly through the importance given to extracurricular activities.

UniLaSalle is a member of IALU (International Association of LaSallian Universities) and of the LaSalle Grandes Ecoles network, which brings together the 5 major French Lasallian engineering schools.

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Labels and certifications

UniLaSalle has held the EESPIG (Etablissement d'enseignement supérieur privé d'intérêt général) label since July 7, 2016. This state-awarded label guarantees that UniLaSalle :

  • Participates in the public service missions of higher education;
  • Is a not-for-profit establishment with independent management;
  • Is periodically evaluated by a national body;
  • Clearly identifies courses leading to diplomas conferring a state-approved degree.


The Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs (CTI) assesses the quality of engineering training programs offered in France. A course is awarded CTI accreditation when it meets the quality criteria defined by the CTI.

All of UniLaSalle's engineering courses are CTI accredited, granting the title of engineer to UniLaSalle graduates. This label also leads to European recognition of their engineering title, via the EUR-ACE label.

UniLaSalle has implemented a quality approach validated by ISO 9001 certification for its Beauvais campus since 2010, Rouen since 2020, Rennes since 2021 and Amiens in 2023.

This certification ensures that our Quality Management System complies with the main objectives of the ISO 9001 standard:

  • consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  • increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system.

Our goal for 2024 is to continue integrating our Uni4Change approach into our Quality Management System.


UniLaSalle is a not-for-profit school accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation as an Établissement d'Enseignement Supérieur Privé (EESPIG).

It is under the dual supervision of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Institut Catholique de Paris.

The Board of Directors, chaired by Sébastien WINDSOR, is responsible for the administration of the association and comprises four founding members by right, a number of ex-officio members and several active members, both individuals and corporate entities. Most of UniLaSalle's Board members hold positions of responsibility within companies or groups in sectors close to the school, reflecting the close ties we seek with the business world.

As of January 23, 2023, the Board of Directors has 32 members. 

Founding members by right. 

  • Institut des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes (represented by Brother Jacques d'HUITEAU, Brother Visitor's delegate)
  • Institut Catholique de Paris (represented by the Rector, Mr Emmanuel PETIT, or his delegate)
  • Chambres d'agriculture France (represented by Mr Christophe HILLAIRET, General Secretary)
  • Chambre de commerce et d'industrie région Hauts-de-France (represented by Mr Philippe BERNARD, President's delegate)

Other members by right

  • UniLaSalle Alumni Association (represented by its president, Mr Antoine PAJOT, or his delegate)
  • The BDEs of the 4 campuses (represented by their president or delegate, counting for one deliberative vote) 

Active members, individuals

  • Mr Sébastien WINDSOR, Chairman
  • Mr Christophe CHAUVET, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Gérard FRIÈS, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Arnaud HUMBERT-DROZ, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Philippe LE GRAND, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Mr Mickaël PORTEVIN, Vice-Chairman
  • Mr Eric BERGUE
  • Mr Guillaume CHARTIER
  • Mr Régis DUBOURG
  • Mr Marc FOUCAULT
  • Mr Xavier FOUGER
  • Mr Olivier GIRAULT
  • Mr Thierry LHOTTE
  • Mr Hubert MAITRE
  • Mr Roland MARION
  • Mr Gilles MEZIERE
  • Mrs Anne PINON
  • Mr Alexandre QUILLET
  • Mrs Isabelle REY-FABRET
  • Mr Jean-Marie SAVALLE
  • Mr Pierre-Marie THEVENOT

Other active members, legal entities

  • La Salle University, Barcelona (represented by Mrs. Nina HOFMANN-BUGIÉ)
  • Orano (represented by Mr. Sébastien HOCQUET)
  • TotalEnergies (represented by Mr. Gautier BAUDOT)