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With 260 partner universities around the world, you can decide to study abroad wherever you want! Thanks to its membership in the worldwide network of La Salle universities and to its large number of bilateral or Erasmus + agreements, UniLaSalle opens up the world of possibilities and guarantees you a quality international experience.

Campus France support foreign students wishing to study in a French higher education establishment. Administrative formalities, tourism, training directory, ... Campus France provides many practical information on its website to facilitate their arrival.

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A network of 72 universities and higher schools around the world, including UniLasalle. What do they have in common? They are all members of the La Salle network, the leading international education network in the world (1500 establishments in 82 countries). Focused on higher education, the international association of Lasalian universities bring all of these establishments together around common teaching values and methods.

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ICA is governed by the ICA General assembly which comprises one representative from each ICA member institution. The ICA General Assembly elects the ICA Board, who are senior members in the life science community. The modus operandi is determined by the ICA statutes.

These board members play a key role in developing the policies of their own universities and faculties. With this overview there a able to focus the activities and planned outcomes of ICA to support the staff of the ICA member institutions in their professional careers.

The ICA Standing Committees have either a discipline or cross discipline support focus. The ICA Council acts as a forum to support networking and the initiation of new ventures between Standing Committees and ICA. The ICA Secretariat is responsible for implementing the policy decisions of the ICA Board and for the day to day management of the ICA.

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Sebastian RIEDER
International Relations Director