This course is for you if you want to go into field crop production or agronomy.

This complex and multidisciplinary science focuses on cropping systems and the interactions between soil, climate, crops and farming techniques applied by farmers.
You will learn the tools and methods of diagnosis and decision support and apply your knowledge by conducting a concrete study whose results are based on experimentation.

Practical information

Details of the courses

EU Project and change (6 ECTS credits)

  • Team management   
  • Business intelligence and strategic watch   
  • Project management   
  • Personal development

EU Internship (6 ECTS credits)

  • Valuation of the internship

UE Project of deepening course (4 ECTS credits)

  • Project of professional situation

UE Agrosystems (6 ECTS credits)

  • Tropical agriculture   
  • Plant ecophysiology   
  • Population genetics   
  • Applied ecology of crop and weed communities

UE Tools and methods for the agronomist (8 ECTS credits)

  • Global approach of the farm and typologies of functioning   
  • Evaluation and design of cropping systems   
  • Experimental systems   
  • Water and environment

UE Project of deepening course (5 ECTS credits)

  • Employment marketing   
  • Experimentation project

UE Agrosystems (8 ECTS credits)

  • Control of soil conditions   
  • Entomology   
  • Crop protection   
  • Plant pathology

EU Biological functioning at the molecular level (5 ECTS credits)

  • Plant physiology   
  • Biotechnology, plant breeding

EU Farming (3 ECTS credits)

  • Diagnosis, strategic choice

EU Project to characterize a territory or a population (6 ECTS credits)

  • Agri-environmental diagnosis   
  • Data collection and processing

UE Valuation of the Assistant Engineer internship (3 ECTS credits)

  • Valuation of the Assistant Engineer internship

UE Communication (4 ECTS credits)

  • Project dynamics   
  • Job Marketing   
  • Specialized marketing

UE Agronomic approaches (4 ECTS credits)

  • Tools and methods for the agronomist   
  • Agronomist's thesis seminar

EU Commodity chains and territories (6 ECTS credits)

  • Analysis of supply chains and production basins   
  • Non-food sectors   
  • Vegetable sectors

UE Innovation (3 ECTS credits)

  • Technological innovations

UE Project (13 ECTS credits)

  • Agronomy and territories specialization project
  • Internship (6 months)
  • Dissertation writing (9 ECTS credits)
  • Dissertation presentation (9 ECTS credits)