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At the interface between plants, their environment and agricultural production techniques, agronomy is an indispensable science for building agriculture that is both profitable and environmentally friendly. In this field, UniLaSalle provides training in both plant and animal production.

On the agronomy side, UniLaSalle engineers benefit from a wide choice of courses at the end of their engineering curriculum, opting for a more in-depth study or one of the dedicated Masters or MSc programs. Understanding plants and the conditions under which harvests are optimized, designing agricultural machinery that takes greater account of soil characteristics, creating new varieties or improving existing ones via biotechnologies, developing urban agriculture or precision farming thanks to Big Data - these are the challenges that UniLaSalle engineers are able to meet.

In animal production, UniLaSalle engineers will draw on their knowledge of animal physiology to provide technical advice to breeders, design products tailored to the needs of livestock and propose breeding methods that meet both regulatory and market developments, and society's expectations, particularly in terms of animal welfare.

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