Mercredi 22 juin 2022

21 panels on the fauna, flora and geology of the campus were installed at various points on campus.

Promoting the biodiversity of the campus through a fun and educational trail is the work of 10 third-year engineering students in Agronomy and Agro-industries as part of the Agrosciences project, under the guidance of Léa Kervroëdan, a teacher-researcher in plant ecology.

It took the students no less than six months to write the content, design, manufacture and install the 21 wooden panels in various locations on campus. The project was 100% homemade, since the students were able to use AgriLab's equipment to engrave the 21 wooden panels. Each panel is enriched with a more complete information sheet, accessible via a QR code.


parcours biodiversité

A campus awarded the Refuge LPO label in 2020

This information trail aims to raise awareness among students and visitors about the richness of biodiversity on the Beauvais campus.

Benefiting from the Refuge LPO label since 2020, the Beauvais campus is multiplying initiatives in favor of the protection of its biodiversity by respecting four principles:

  • Create conditions conducive to the settlement of wildlife   
  • Renouncing the use of chemical products   
  • Reduce the impact on the environment   
  • To make its Refuge a space without hunting for the biodiversity.


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Welcome to the Jungle

Les compétences vertes sont celles qui assurent la durabilité environnementale des activités économiques.

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