UniLaSalle has set up two decision-making bodies to steer its research activities.

The Scientific Council

Chaired by three personalities from outside UniLaSalle, the Scientific Council is the institution's advisory body for reflection and foresight in terms of scientific policy and strategy.

The objective of the Scientific Council is to achieve a better structuring of the institute's research, development and consulting activities.

The establishment of the Scientific Council aims essentially at accompanying the research units in putting into perspective the often very multidisciplinary approaches, in the search for coherence in partnerships and to launch a prospective for the medium and long term.

  • President: Dr Vincent Pétiard, Director of Strategy and Economic Development, Nature Source Genetics.   
  • Vice President: Dr Christian Huyghe, Scientific Director of Agriculture at INRA   
  • Vice-President: Dr Jacques de Certaines, Dr, biophysicist, Deputy Mayor of Rennes in charge of Research (1983-1989)


allow us to better structure our Research, Consulting and Development activities

Methods of operation

Appointments for 4 years.

  • Mr. François BAUDIN
  • Mrs. Sabine BARLES
  • Mrs. Odile BERGE
  • Mr. Jean-Michel CHARDIGNY
  • Mr. Christian COSTE
  • Mr. François DAUPHIN
  • Mr. Jacques DE CERTAINES
  • Mrs. Maryline FILIPPI
  • Mr. Xavier GELLYNCK
  • Mr. Michel GRISEL
  • Mr. Gérard GRUAU
  • Mr. Ahmed HAJJAJI
  • Mr. Christian HUYGHE
  • DGER Representative
  • Mr. Dominique LACHENAL
  • Mr. Rémi LAURENT
  • Mr. Patrice LEROUGE
  • Mr. Geoffroy MAHIEUX
  • Mr. Sylvain PELLERIN
  • Mr. Jean PEROT
  • Mr. Vincent PETIARD
  • Mr. Jean-Luc PROBST
  • Mrs. Laurence PUECHBERTY
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre TILLON
  • Mr. Thierry AUSSENAC
  • Mr. Nicolas BARBEZIER
  • Mr. Philippe CHOQUET
  • Mr. Michel-Pierre FAUCON
  • Ms. Isabelle GATTIN
  • Mrs. Aude-Valérie JUNG
  • Mrs. Karine LAVAL
  • Mrs. Valérie LEROUX
  • Mrs. Nathalie LEBLANC
  • Mr. Geoffroy MAHIEUX
  • Mr. Olivier POURRET
  • Mr. Sébastien POTEL
  • Mr. Loïc SAUVEE


The operational scientific committee

Internal to the establishment, the operational scientific committee aims to identify and coordinate the Institute's research activities but also to promote the emergence of new research and development projects. This committee is responsible for promoting and disseminating scientific culture.

  • Dr Karine LAVAL (HDR), Research & Development Director UniLaSalle Group and Rouen
  • Dr. Michel-Pierre FAUCON (HDR), Research & Development Director UniLaSalle Beauvais
  • Dr. Aude-Valerie JUNG (HDR), Research & Development Director UniLaSalle Rennes
  • Isabelle TRINSOUTROT-GATTIN (HDR), Director of the AGHYLE Unit
  • Dr. Olivier POURRET (HDR), Deputy Director of the AGHYLE Unit
  • Dr Sebastien Potel (HDR), Director of the B2R Unit
  • Loic Sauvee (HDR), Director of the INTERACT Unit
  • Dr. Thierry AUSSENAC (HDR), Director of the T&A Unit
  • Dr Nathalie LEBLANC (HDR), Deputy Director of the T&A Unit
  • Dr Nicolas BARBEZIER, co-leader of the PETALES team of the T&A Unit
  • Dr Jean-Pierre GADONNA, Director of Valorization
  • Sébastien LAURENT-CHARVET, Training Director
  • Stéphanie PINEAU, Corporate Relations Director - Group
  • Sébastian RIEDER, Director of International Relations - Group
  • Caroline DUBOIS, R&D Project Manager, Group and Rouen
  • Laetitia MESLEM, R&D project manager, Group and Rouen
  • Virginie CENDRET, R&D Project Manager, Beauvais