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By following this pathway, you will be oriented towards missions as marketing engineers, sales managers, open to the business world.
You will be trained in the most innovative tools, techniques and methods of marketing and sales functions in Agrohealth, to better meet the new challenges of food. You will be able to implement large-scale actions affecting public health or to propose, or even manage, the commercial strategies of companies in the sector, from the initial positioning to the product distribution stage.

Practical information

    Training: engineer in Food and Health
    Duration of the course: 2 years
    Training location: Beauvais campus

Details of the courses

EU Project and change (4 ECTS credits)

  • Business intelligence and strategic watch   
  • Project management   
  • Team management   
  • Personal development

EU Study and analysis (8 ECTS credits)

  • Ad hoc marketing studies
  • Statistics applied to surveys and marketing   
  • Sensory analysis   
  • Sector study   
  • Quantitative techniques applied to management and marketing   
  • Marketing studies

UE Information and operations management (6 ECTS credits)

  • Monitoring techniques and e-reputation   
  • Operational and decision-making information systems   
  • Integrated communication   
  • Management of information systems   
  • Operations management

UE Semester project (qualitative study) (6 ECTS credits)

  • Project of professional situation

UE Internship (6 ECTS credits)

  • Valuation of the internship


UE Management and profitability levers (6 ECTS credits)

    Management control
    Cost management
    Company strategy

UE Marketing (5 ECTS credits)

    B to B marketing
    Launching a new product
    Distribution policy

UE Business development (6 ECTS credits)

  • International trade and business   
  • Knowledge of the business   
  • Commercial relations   
  • Management of the sales force

UE Engineering tools (6 ECTS credits)

  • Writing a thesis argument   
  • Packaging and packaging   
  • Food, consumer and competition law   
  • Quality performance   
  • Creativity and innovation, products and services

EU Semester project (4 ECTS credits)

  • E-commerce project

UE Valuation of the Assistant Engineer internship (3 ECTS credits)

  • Valorization of the Assistant Engineer internship

UE 1 (7 ECTS credits)

  • Consumer and buyer behavior in B to C and B to B  
  • Prospective food and health
  • Purchasing management   
  • Employment marketing   
  • Performance indicators for the product manager

UE 2 (8 ECTS credits)

  • Business game marketing   
  • International marketing   
  • Innovation and communication strategies in agri-health

UE 3 (8 ECTS credits)

  • Commercial negotiation   
  • Marketing of health foods, food supplements and medicines   
  • Distribution, merchandising and category management   
  • Relational marketing   
  • Cross cultural management

UE 4 (7 ECTS credits)

  •     Project for a more deepening course


  • Internship (6 months) - 12 ECTS credits
  • Final thesis : written report - 9 ECTS credits
  • Final thesis : oral presentation - 9 ECTS credits