Bachelor in Sciences in Green Agro Business (opening in 2023)

A dual competence in science and management for an international career

The green economy trades are booming. To meet strong demand from companies in this sector, UniLaSalle is launching the Bachelor of Science in Green Agro Business.

This hybrid training offers a dual competence in science and business, with a focus on agricultural fields, and opens the doors of the job market in France but also/and especially internationally!

Join a unique and innovative program to get a job in line with the transformations of our society and the major challenges facing the world.

Marie Lummerzheim, Director - UniLaSalle Rouen Campus

Key information

  • duration of training: 3 years   
  • Bachelor's degree (labeled CTI and Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) 
  • language of instruction: English   
  • Recruitment from the Bac (baccalaureate)   
  • place of training: Paris campus   
  • tuition fees
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program in English for an international career, built with our partners in Barcelona and Almere


co-construction with the major players in the agri-supply, agricultural and food-processing industries


partner universities for an academic exchange in 2nd year


dual degree courses (Applied University of Life Science AERES of Almere and Universitat La Salle Ramon Llull of Barcelona)


months of internships over the 3 years of the program, in France or abroad

The Cursus

Training by and for the company...

Immersion in a company is privileged throughout the program with a 4-week international work placement between the 1st and 2nd years and a 6-month internship at the end of the program. It is also possible to follow the final year alternating with 7 months in a company.

... and through research

Involvement in the work of teacher-researchers: Application of diagnostic and support tools for companies in the agricultural sector (plant, animal, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, business ...).

...all in an international context

Multicultural promotion and a strong international orientation with academic mobility for all in 2nd year and courses on interculturality operated in the heart of Paris.

Semesters 1 and 2 deliver basic scientific and technical skills (life sciences, humanities, economics).

Semester 3 focuses on economic and social science skills in an international context. (academic mobility).

Semester 4 provides an understanding of the complexity of systems, in particular through management sciences applied to the food and agriculture sectors.

Semester 5 proposes to choose between 3 courses:

  • International Marketing and Sales Management for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable trade in the agri-food sector   
  • Management and Consulting of agri/agro companies (in French)

Semester 6, at the end of the program, is an end-of-studies internship (validated by a dissertation and a defense) or a double degree.

Professional opportunities

In a context of strong growth of professions from the green economy in all sectors of activity, the Bachelor in Green Agro Business responds to a strong need for middle managers to ensure the international development of agribusiness companies.

Graduates will hold positions such as :

  • Management / Food department management   
  • Key Account Manager   
  • Management in business engineering   
  • Sales Promotion Manager   
  • International Development   
  • Business consulting   
  • Product Manager   
  • Marketing Manager   
  • Export Sales   
  • Import-export administrative assistant


Admission requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Green Agro Business can be applied for by students in their final year of high school with a background in :

  • Economic and Social Sciences,
  • Physics/chemistry,   
  • Biology ecology,   
  • SVT   
  • Political science/languages,   
  • Mathematical/numerical,   
  • Computer sciences,   
  • History and geography.

International candidates must hold an equivalent degree.

Admission requirements

Selection on file and interview.

French and EU candidates

Application on Parcoursup.

Non-EU applicants

Online application on (coming soon)


Student Recruitment Coordinator (international students)
+ 33 (0)2 32 82 91 29 / +33 (0)7 61 00 75 44
Admissions and Orientation Coordinator (French students)
+ 33 (0)2 32 82 91 47