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In 2003, the young geologist set sail for Brest to complete her end-of-studies internship. Financed by Total and supervised by Ifremer, this internship was an opportunity to learn about marine geology and to participate in her first mission at sea. For six months, Laure studied a mud volcano using seismic and imaging data from the seabed, as well as dredging and coring, and had the opportunity to spend two weeks on board the oceanographic vessel Atalante to obtain new data on the area she had studied.

At the same time, Ifremer obtained a contract with the ministry in charge of marine material extraction in order to reassess the available resources. Claude AUGRIS, whom she had met during her internship and with whom she had become friendly, offered her a position on this project.

After two 18-month fixed-term contracts, she obtained her permanent position without going through the research phase and obtaining a doctorate. Laure has been a geologist and cartographer of the mineral resources of the continental shelf for almost ten years. Her main mission is to conduct mapping work at sea. She prepares and carries out oceanographic campaigns and interprets the data. She valorizes this work by disseminating it via databases and synthesis projects such as the European project EMODN and Geology. It also intervenes for missions of support to public policy as an expert in marine geology, particularly in the context of the instruction of mining titles for the extraction of marine aggregates. "

Portrait extracted from the magazine Trait d'Union de LaSalle Beauvais Alumni n°383, published in the 4th quarter of 2016. Interview: Lucie DE CASTRO (Agriculture, 2013).