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AgriLab, a collaborative innovation center

AgriLab is a 1,500m² collaborative innovation center for agriculture located in the heart of a mixed crop-livestock farm and close to the higher education and research cluster.

Inspired by the Fablab movement, AgriLab promotes open innovation and the sharing of knowledge and know-how. In this same place, it is possible to "make (almost) everything" with the minimum of machines... from digital design to mechanical machining.

The innovation center also offers "à la carte" services (privatization of machines, engineering services, advanced customized training, services, ...).

AgriLab website


A Fab Lab open to all

AgriLab is also a FabLab open to all, and for all projects (agricultural or not). The aim is to encourage a mix of profiles and approaches and thereby bring innovations to life.

Members acn attend weekly training sessions, use the machines and be accompanied on their projects. In return, projects must be sourced on the Internet.


A FabAcademy to learn about rapid prototyping.

AgriLab is a node of the FabAcademy and offers a 6-month training to become a Fabmanager and learn rapid prototyping. At the end of the course, a diploma accredited by the FabAcademy is awarded.

The FabAcademy is a digital manufacturing program led by Neil Gershenfeld, founder of the "How to Make (Almost) Anything" course at the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT. It was found in 2009 in the United States and is now taught in more than 100 locations around the world.

AgriLab's 4 pillars

AgrLab has 6 prototyping areas (DataLab, ElectroLab, FabLab 2D, FabLab 3D, MecaLab, MediaLab) and a team with diverse skills.

Training sessions of all levels are held every week to enable members to become autonomous and prototype themselves.

The primary objective of the centre is to give a voice to the farmers who come with their projects. AgriLab's role is to assist them in the realization of these projects.

AgriLab is based on the free sharing of space, machines, skills and knowledge.

AgriLab is connected to the networks of FabLabs, livings labs, agricultural networks (cooperatives, management centers, chambers of agriculture, ...) and university networks.

AgriLab wants to be a strong link in a large international network of sharing and exchanges in order to contribute to the co-development of a more sustainable and responsible world agriculture.

They participated to the funding of AgriLab

AgriLab is a service of the Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle and is part of a large network of partners.

Co-funder for AgriLab OpenLab


Co-funders for the operation of AgriLab

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Co-funders for AgriLab construction and equipment

Logos AgriLab - co-financeurs construction et équipements