The Agronomy course provides a set of skills and knowledge enabling the future engineer to improve the economic, environmental and social performance of the plant and animal production sectors, in response to changes in the production context.

Practical information

    Training: engineer in Agronomy and Agro-industries
    Duration of the course: 1 year
    Training location: Rouen campus

Details of the lessons

Agronomic issues

  • Adapting plant production to climate change;   
  • ClimA-XXI project)

Innovative production systems

  • Specialized crops & integrated production,   
  • Innovations in animal feed,   
  • Grass-fed animal systems,   
  • Innovative cropping systems,   
  • Sustainable animal production system,   
  • Biotechnologies applied to plants and animals, ...

Agricultural consulting

  • Adaptation to change   
  • Strategic advice, ...

Agricultural engineering project

Examples of specialty projects :

  • in crop production: How can new technologies increase the quality of results from sugar beet seed experiments?   
  • in animal production: Evaluation of an innovative soil on foot health, animal behavior and gas emissions in dairy farms.