The course set up in years 4 and 5 should enable students interested in animals, their physiology and husbandry, to move towards jobs related to production or research by covering all sectors and species.

Practical information

Details of the courses

EU Project and Change (8 ECTS credits)

  • Project management   
  • Personal development   
  • Project of professional situation   
  • Team management   
  • Business intelligence and strategic watch

UE Internship (6 ECTS credits)

  • Valuation of the internship in a company

EU Farming (8 ECTS credits)

  • Herbivore farm management   
  • Management of monogastric livestock 
  • Deepening nutrition

UE Tools for the production and analysis of references in livestock farming (8 ECTS credits)

  • Statistics


UE Project of deepening course (4 ECTS credits)

  • Project of professional situation   
  • Job marketing

UE Produce and use reference for advice in breeding and industry (7 ECTS credits)

  • Valuation of field data   
  • Supply basins   
  • Analysis of technical and economic results in breeding

EU Supply and marketing of raw materials (6 ECTS credits)

  • Supply basins   
  • From markets to the design of feed ranges

UE Genetics, health and behavior (6 ECTS credits)

  • Genetic improvement   
  • Animal health   
  • Ethology

UE Methods and realization of diagnosis in breeding (5 ECTS credits)

  • Diagnosis in swine breeding   
  • Diagnosis in ruminant breeding

UE Valuation of the Assistant Engineer internship (3 ECTS credits)

  • Valorization of the Assistant Engineer internship

EU Challenges (7 ECTS credits)

  • Context and current events in the animal sector   
  • Marketing ideas

EU Issues (7 ECTS credits)

  • Animal welfare   
  • Design and innovation in livestock buildings

EU Animal Production (7 ECTS credits)

  • Animal health   
  • Taking into account environmental aspects in animal production   
  • Quality and animal sectors

EU Projects (7 ECTS credits)

  • Grand oral   
  • Employment marketing   
  • Specialty project
  • Internship (6 months)
  • Dissertation writing (9 ECTS credits)
  • Dissertation presentation (9 ECTS credits)