A rapprochement to accompany a world in transition.

Since October 1, 2020, UniLaSalle and ESIEE-Amiens have become one. The two establishments have decided to join forces to form a polytechnic engineering school, positioned both on industrial themes of the future (energy, digital) and on Earth, life and environmental sciences, at the heart of today's challenges.

Great synergies to meet the major challenges of sustainable development

"The strength of this alliance lies in the possibilities of hybridization between the areas of expertise of our two establishments. ESIEE-Amiens is positioned as a school that trains generalist engineers at the crossroads of the energy, digital and ecological transitions. UniLaSalle is active in the fields of Earth, life and environmental sciences.

We will be able to offer our students transdisciplinary courses, where digital technology will be applied to the major fields of Earth, life and environmental sciences and vice versa. This complementarity also promises great synergies for teaching and research, particularly on the issue of energy, a key sector and major challenge for sustainable development.

Together, ESIEE-Amiens and UniLaSalle will demonstrate remarkable complementarity and master a very broad spectrum of skills in these fields, offering a verticality quite unique in the French higher education landscape.

Through this merger, we are writing a new page in our history and are ready to tackle the challenges of the transition towards a more sustainable world".

Jérôme FORTIN,
Directeur général de l’ESIEE-Amiens

Philippe CHOQUET,
Directeur général d’UniLaSalle

3 800



diploma courses


engineering degrees and 27 specializations


double degrees


partner universities in 58 countries

A choice for the future

"The sustainability of our schools depends on their agility and ability to adapt to the national and international context.

For this reason, UniLaSalle and ESIEE-Amiens have decided to merge by joining the worldwide network of La Salle Universities: a strategy that is both local and global and that responds to the competitive challenges of higher education and research.

A choice for the future for young people first of all, with the desire to offer them diversified career paths for the dynamics of our schools and their employees".

Sébastien WINDSOR
President of UniLaSalle

A key player in higher education and on our territories

"The new entity will have all the assets to become a benchmark player in French higher education.

But an engineering school is also a player in economic development, and we will of course be keen to put this new dynamic at the service of the regions and companies in our sectors".

Thierry LACOUT,
President of ESIEE-Amiens


research units and 7 chairs

over 1000

partner companies



20 000



worldide network of 72 La Salle universities

Together, let's move our territories forward

« The philosophy behind this merger is fully in line with our ambition to make Amiens an energy self-sufficient city by 2050. The future graduates are the actors of tomorrow's sustainable city and will be able to put their knowledge in this field to good use for the benefit of the companies in our area. »

Brigitte Fouré, Mayor of Amiens

« The merger of the two establishments is very good news for Amiens Métropole: thanks to the quality education provided to train highly qualified engineers, the influence and attractiveness of Amiens Métropole will undeniably be strengthened among students and companies. »

Alain Gest, President of Amiens Métropole

« For the Hauts-de-France region, this union marks the birth of a reference training center at the national, European and even international level. The complementary nature of ESIEE-Amiens and UniLaSalle is a formidable source of innovation and pedagogical development to meet the current challenges of the digital, energy and ecological transition brought about by the REV3 dynamic. It is together, with our future talents, that we will build a sustainable and connected region! »

Philippe Hourdain, President of the CCI Hauts-de-France

« The merger between ESIEE-Amiens and UniLaSalle is a project built with and for the territory of the Grand Amiénois. The result is a complementary university center that ensures the excellence and influence of the Hauts-de-France region. »

Anne Pinon, Vice President Higher Education and Research - Amiens Métropole
Regional Councillor - Hauts-de-France Region

4 campuses > Amiens, Beauvais, Rennes, Rouen

Amiens Campus

An urban campus for "industrial" engineers

Located on the banks of the Somme, just a stone's throw from the city center, the Amiens campus hosts a general engineering program with an appetite for the energy and digital fields.

ESIEE-Amiens I UniLaSalle
14, quai de la Somme
80080 Amiens
03 22 66 20 00

Discover the ESIEE-Amiens campus

Beauvais Campus

A multi-purpose campus in Earth, life and environmental sciences

Nestled in a corner of nature and a veritable "village" of 2150 students, the Beauvais campus hosts training courses in geosciences, agronomy and food & health.

UniLaSalle Beauvais
19, rue Pierre Waguet
BP 30313
60026 Beauvais Cedex
03 44 06 25 25

Discover the Beauvais campus

Rennes campus

A campus dedicated to environmental engineering

Located on the Ker Lann university campus, the Rennes site offers a privileged study framework for the fields of environmental engineering, sustainable development and circular economy.

UniLaSalle Rennes
Campus de Ker Lann
12, avenue Robert Schuman
35170 Bruz
02 99 05 88 00

Discover the Rennes campus

Rouen campus

A campus with an international outlook

Based in the heart of the Mont-Saint-Aignan university site, the Rouen campus offers a wide range of training courses in agronomy and agri-food, including several courses in English.

UniLaSalle Rouen
3, rue du Tronquet
CS 40118
76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan
02 32 82 92 00

Discover the Rouen campus