Advanced Master’s in Food Marketing, Communication and Engineering

« With a turnover of more than €170 billion each year, the French food industry is a major player in France, Europe and the world. Normandy, a traditionally agricultural region that has always been closely linked with the food industry, is still one of France’s top regions in this sector. It is an outstanding location for cooperatives, SMEs and multinational food companies.

The Advanced Master’s in Food Marketing, Communication and Engineering (MS MCIPA) is a program designed with and for these companies. The aim of the program, which is characterized by its field-based approach, is to provide future managers in the food industry with complementary marketing and technical skills, a combination that is vital to address the development challenges currently facing the food industry. The MS MCIPA program, developed in partnership with Normandy Business School, is accredited by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. It is designed to train up future policy makers, inspiring them and providing them with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and innovation. »

Tarek Abid,
Program Director

Key information

Venue: Rouen campus

Length of training: 12 months
Master’s required
Tuition fees: €12,000
Program accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles


mastère spécialisé CGE


classement mastère spécialisé MCIPA
  • Access to the resources of two prestigious higher education institutions: Normandy Business School and UniLaSalle
  • The acquisition of skills in two fields: managerial and technical
  • Program accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
  • Operational training alternating between teaching, a practical project and an internship
  • Teaching content directly linked to the realities of the market
  • Partners and companies highly involved in the educational approach
  • Active learning

The program

Operational training with:

  • A 6-month internship with a company (average salary €1,200)
  • Active learning: a 5-week HEC Entrepreneurs practical project (in February and March), competitions, etc.
  • 411 hours of training divided into 12 course modules taught by professionals and professors
  • Alternating academic teaching (seminars and lectures) and hands-on training (practical project)

Some examples of past practical projects

  • Defining the marketing mix of a range of value-added bakery products aimed at the general public via a regional then national marketing strategy
  • Proposing sales and marketing strategies for a range of products with the aim of tapping into new markets
  • Overhaul of a range of vegetable soups

The Mark’eating Conference, the flagship event of the year, is entirely organized by Advanced Master’s students.

Each year it tackles a different topic: « Marketing Normandy’s food to the world – a legitimate ambition? », « Short supply chains: keeping close to consumers. Stakeholders, strategies and tools », « Crisis communication in the food industry », etc.

How to apply?

Applicants will be selected on the basis of an application form followed by an interview with an admissions panel.

Admission requirements

You must hold a Master’s level degree:

  • Engineering degree accredited by the CTI
  • Degree from a business school (Master’s level) that belongs to the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
  • Two-year Master’s from a university

You may also hold a first-year university Master’s plus three years of professional experience in a relevant field.

Career opportunities

  • Product manager
  • Group manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Project manager
  • Marketing director
  • Sales director


"An Advanced Master's to enhance my marketing expertise with new skills"

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"Knowledge of the food industry and business know-how – two skills that are highly sought after by companies!"

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