BSc + MSc in Energy Engineering and Digital Systems by apprenticeship


If you want to deepen your knowledge and become a graduate engineer recognized in France and internationally (diploma accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur) while putting a foot in the company, the ESIEE-Amiens engineering program is for you! 

After 2 or 3 years in higher education, you will join UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens for a 3-year engineering program where you will learn the scientific bases of tomorrow's jobs in the energy and digital sectors.

Key information

  • Duration of training: 3 years
  • Language of instruction: French
  • Recruitment from Bac+2
  • Place of training: ESIEE-Amiens campus
  • Diploma accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), Master's degree and European EUR-ACE® label until 2024-25
  • Tuition fees: paid by the host organization for your apprenticeship contract
1 800

hours of classes and projects


of time spent in the company


international mobility


strong professional experience

The training program

Young engineers want to be as close as possible to the business world.

What could be better than being an integral part of it by being both employee and student for a period of 3 years, ideal for acquiring theoretical and practical fundamentals of the profession?

Apprenticeship is a good compromise for students motivated by the company who want to learn their trade directly alongside professionals in their chosen sector.

Being able to prove professional experience upon completion of their studies and obtaining an engineering degree recognized by the CTI maximizes the chances of an engineering job at the end of the training.

Rhythm of the work-study program

With half of the time spent in the company, UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens has chosen the 1 month / 1 month rhythm which allows the apprentice to devote himself entirely to his studies during the month of the course and in parallel to manage his projects during his month in the company.

Choose one of the 4 technical orientations proposed by UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens in the fields of energy and digital.

Goal: To intervene from the start of a building construction or renovation project in order to provide an optimal technical and economic response in the design, construction, regulation and maintenance of energy and comfort systems, whether in the tertiary, residential or industrial sectors. 

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Goal: To understand the entire communication chain of networked objects. Design the connected objects and their applications, implement the network infrastructure necessary for their communication, set up the servers and services to store and manage the data from these objects.

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Goal: Intervene throughout the production chain to improve design, management, productivity, maintenance and quality. Understand the interconnection of systems for better production management.

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Goal: To train engineers capable of mastering electrical energy technologies and their applications while taking into account the constraints of the energy transition.

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Students have 1 month of international mobility during their studies at UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens.

They may also be required to travel if their company sends them to international subsidiaries during the period in the company.


Admission requirements

The ESIEE-Amiens engineering apprenticeship program is open to students with :

  • a BTS,   
  • a DUT,   
  • a validated scientific license 3 or professional license   
  • a CPGE ATS (competitive entrance examination)

Number of places allocated

  • 24 places per option

Admission procedures

Admission by competitive examination (English test and interview)

5 recruitment sessions, in March / April / May / June / July.

At each session, we offer tests on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

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Fields of activity

  • Intelligent Building
  • Robotics
  • Transport
  • Industry
  • Environment
  • Aeronautics
  • Networks
  • Energetics
  • Sustainable development
  • Building
  • Automatism
  • Wind turbine
  • Connected objects
  • Energy
  • Computer science
  • Factory of the future


Admissions - Amiens campus
+33 (0)3 22 66 20 21