BSc + MSc program in Geosciences and Environment by Apprenticeship


The geosciences and environment engineering training by apprenticeship is an asset for your professional future:

  • you learn the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the geosciences and environment engineer;   
  • You will acquire multiple professional skills in the fields of energy, natural resources, construction and water;   
  • You will gain professional experience at the end of your studies and maximize your chances of finding a job with engineering status.

Key information

  • Duration of the training : 3 years   
  • Language of instruction: French   
  • Recruitment from French Baccalaureate +2   
  • Training location: Beauvais campus   
  • CFA UniLaSalle
  • Diploma accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), Master's degree and European EUR-ACE® label until 2024-25
  • Tuition fees: paid by the host organization of your apprenticeship contract

of the training time spent in the company


engineers in Geosciences and Environment trained each year by apprenticeship

Training program

The training of an engineer in Geosciences and Environment is divided into three main periods:

  • Semesters 1 to 4: common core courses   
  • Semester 5: students specialize in one of the 3 courses of study.   
  • Semester 6: students join their company for a long mission, leading to the writing of the final thesis.

Periods in a company

In total, the student apprentice spends 60% of his time in a company. They benefit from the same rights to paid leave as the company's other employees.

Apprenticeship rhythm

  • 1st and 2nd years: 1 month in the company / 1 month at UniLaSalle   
  • 3rd year: 4 months at UniLaSalle (in-depth course) followed by 6 to 8 months in the company

Remuneration of the apprentice

tableau de rémunération des étudiants apprentis

The common core courses take place over the first 4 semesters of the program.

UE Geomatics

UE Geotechnics

  • Soil Mechanics   
  • Soil physics   
  • Drilling and hydrogeotechnical tests

UE Economic and industrial analysis

  • Management   
  • Business economics: sectorial study   
  • English - TOEIC preparation

Portfolio of skills

Research and bibliographic synthesis

UE Competency portfolio

  • Law and human resources management   
  • Portfolio of competences   
  • Introduction to Research - seminars   
  • Preparation for international exposure

UE Acquisition tools and laboratory tests

  • Mobility of elements   
  • Geotechnics   
  • Geophysics   
  • Geological sampling

UE Works and construction sites

  • Field Geology, structures and construction sites

UE Reservoirs

  • Geological reservoirs

UE Industrial and QHSE issues

  • Industrial issues and QHSE   
  • Current English / TOEIC preparation

UE Geomodeling

  • Geomodeling

EU International Experience

EU Sustainable Quarrying

  • Rock Mechanics   
  • Materials Processing   
  • Water Chemistry

UE Project Management Tools

  • Personal development and creativity   
  • Project management   
  • Team management   
  • Economic intelligence and strategic watch   
  • Budget management

UE Subsurface tools

  • Subsurface geophysics   
  • Industrial minerals   
  • Quantitative Hydrogeology   
  • Fundamental geotechnics   
  • Mining exploration

UE Portfolio of skills

EU International Experience

UE Systems skills

  • Geographic information systems and remote sensing   
  • Soil-structure systems   
  • Regulatory systems SSP

UE Business skills

  • SIOD   
  • Integrated management system   
  • Prevention of professional risks   
  • Economy and budget management   
  • Communication and negotiation

UE Field management

  • Geology field with supervision

UE Modelling and options

  • Modelling and options   
  • Entrepreneurship - Exploring   
  • Entrepreneurship - Experimenting   
  • Entrepreneurship - Testing   
  • Erosion and transport   
  • Digital geology : Big data   
  • Digital geology : GIS and Python   
  • Digital geology : Drone and photogrammetry   
  • Ocean and atmosphere dynamics / Paleoclimates   
  • Offshore Geohazards and Geotechnics   
  • Pedology and soil quality   
  • New energies and geothermal energy   
  • Sustainable development of mineral resources

UE Portfolio of skills

In semester 5, you will develop your knowledge and skills in the field of your choice among the possible apprenticeship paths:


Admission requirements

You will be admitted to our Geosciences and Environment Engineering program by apprenticeship via an admission on title:

  • in 3rd year if you have validated your Licence 3 in geology / geosciences / STUE, your BTS Geosciences, BTS + 3 years of professional experience   
  • in 4th year if you have validated your Bac+4 geosciences / STUE profile

You have another profile? Do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department.

Admission procedures

Admission based on application and interview.

If the analysis of your application is favorable, you will be invited to an interview. You will be interviewed by a team consisting of the head of apprenticeship and a teacher-researcher. At the end of this interview, if the assessment is positive, your application is submitted to the internal selection committee, which makes your eligibility official.

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1st session

  • 1st session: February 27, 2023   
  • 2nd session: March 22, 2023   
  • 3rd session: April 23, 2023   
  • 4th session: May 21, 2023   
  • 5th session (except international candidates): June 21, 2023

More information on admission procedures


Jobs and opportunities

The main sectors of activity

  • Water resources management   
  • Waste storage management   
  • Remediation of former industrial sites   
  • Exploration and extraction of mineral resources   
  • Design and monitoring of works for the implementation of engineering structures   
  • ...

The main functions

  • Geologist   
  • Geophysicist   
  • Hydrogeologist   
  • Geomatician  
  • Research officer   
  • Study manager   
  • Production monitoring engineer   
  • Work manager   
  • Business manager
  • Land geologist   
  • QHSE engineer   
  • ...


Céline AUTIN
Orientation and admission coordinator
+33 (0)3 44 06 25 10
Orientation and admission coordinator (Beauvais campus)
+33 (0)3 44 06 93 46