ESIEE-Amiens UniLaSalle offers a 5-year training course on energy and digital themes, consisting of a 2-year integrated preparatory cycle and a 3-year engineering cycle.

2 years to refine your project

After a general baccalaureate (with a choice of science-oriented options) or STI2D, students who enter our engineering school want to put their knowledge into practice through technical, technological and industrial projects.

The integrated preparatory cycle concentrates the fundamental teaching of the engineer and prepares students to choose a field for the next three years of their studies.

It consists of :

  • A common core       
    • Engineering sciences       
    • English and LV2       
    • Human sciences
  • Thematic modules       
    • Digital sciences       
    • Energy and environment       
    • Robotics and mechatronics

Discover fields at the cutting edge of technology by combining science and project-based learning, ESIEE-Amiens UniLaSalle offers from the first year of the integrated preparatory cycle :

  • 1 month of internship   
  • 1 personalized follow-up, tutoring / studies   
  • Opening modules
Modules optionnels cycle prépa intégrée ESIEE-Amiens

And after these 2 years?

After two years of the integrated preparatory cycle, and depending on your wishes and the definition of your professional project, you can enter the engineering cycle, either through initial training or through an apprenticeship.

ESIEE-Amiens engineer by the initial route

In the first year of the initial engineering cycle, opening modules allow each student to deepen his or her professional project and then choose an option in the second year of the engineering cycle. During this year, the student is elevated to the rank of collaborator through a multidisciplinary project combining creativity and innovation.

In initial training, three courses are available from the 2nd year of the engineering cycle.

ESIEE-Amiens engineer by apprenticeship

The apprenticeship engineering program is available after the 2nd year for a duration of 3 three years. With half of the time spent in the company, we have chosen the 1 month / 1 month rhythm which allows the apprentice to devote himself entirely to his studies during the month of classes and at the same time to manage his projects during his month in the company.

Four alternating courses are available from the first year of the engineering cycle.

Entering the integrated preparatory cycle

Admission procedures

Admission based on application and motivation interview

Registration on Parcoursup ESIEE-Amiens UniLaSalle.
After studying the application, interview to be scheduled on the Amiens campus.

Proposed admission via Parcoursup from May 27, 2021

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A training accessible after...

  • General Bac with scientific options   
  • Bac STI2D   
  • PCS0 / Scientific refresher course   
  • Licence 1 Electronics, electrical energy, automation   
  • Licence 1 Computer science   
  • Licence 1 Mathematics   
  • Licence 1 Physics   
  • License 1 Mechanics   
  • Licence 1 Engineering sciences   
  • License 1 PASS

Admission procedures

Admission based on application and motivation interview


I open an application file


A training accessible after...

  • Preparatory course TSI   
  • Preparation MPSI   
  • PCSI preparatory program   
  • PTSI Preparation   
  • License 2 Electronics, electrical energy, automatic   
  • License 2 Computer Science   
  • License 2 Mathematics   
  • License 2 Physics   
  • Licence 2 Mechanics   
  • License 2 Engineering Sciences


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+33 (0)3 22 66 20 21