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Combining field, laboratory, management, law and interculturality to train breeders of new varieties.

The challenges of plant breeding

This career path takes a closer look at the issues involved in plant improvement, seed production and plant breeding. The current challenge is to create new high-performance, resistant varieties, adapted to each climatic context, in order to meet market requirements.

This course also opens the door to fundamental research in plant science, with a view to pursuing a doctorate.

This course is run in conjunction with the Erasmus Mundus emPLANT+ program, which welcomes mainly English-speaking students.


Diploma sought: Engineer in Agronomy and Agro-industries

Campus : Beauvais

Language of instruction: English

Status: student (4th and 5th year) or apprentice (5th year only)

Course details

In semesters 7 and 8, courses are taught as part of the first year of the emPLANT Erasmus Mundus master's program offered on the Beauvais campus.

The Master Program in Plant Breeding (emPLANT+), also known as the Master in Plant Selection, Plant Breeding and Varietal Creation, is an Erasmus Mundus-certified course of excellence, co-constructed by 6 European universities and dedicated to plant breeding and varietal creation.

In semester 9, you can choose the path you want to follow, from :

  • the main major of the Plant Breeding pathway, which goes into greater depth in this field: Biotechnology and market.   
    This major is part of the emPLANT master's program.   
  • one or more opening majors, designed to broaden your skills in another field:       
    • Smart Ag-Tech & Biotechnology (Rouen campus)       
    • Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Beauvais campus)
  • a semester, double degree or degree-granting stay in France or abroad (from 12 to 18 months for a double degree or degree-granting stay)

What are the career options after Plant Breeding?

The Plant Breeding program enables you to work in plant breeding and plant biotechnology.

Some professions

  • Experimentation manager   
  • Seed production manager   
  • Breeder

They welcome our engineers