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More than a school, UniLaSalle is a place where you can grow and achieve. Campus life is punctuated by many associative activities : it's the 18/8, life after school from 6pm to 8am!

Favoured by the combination, on the same site, of residences, sports facilities an a student foyer, community life is very lively on the UniLaSalle campus in Beauvais. Thanks to the efforts of more than 80 student associations, the student year is swarming with activities and events.

The AGE, the General Student's Association

The General Student's Association (AGE) represents the students with the school management and organizes, manages, enriches and animates everyday life on campus.

28 students from various backgrounds and promotions make up the office of this key association in the organization of the post-course. It is funded by student contributions, a grant from the school and assistance from various partners.

The 4 main mission of the AGE

  • Connecting students with the school administration
  • Develop a network of relationships with surrounding schools
  • Coordinating campus life and managing campus living spaces
  • Offer many practical services based on its commissions

Visit the AGE's website

The main associations

  • Nuit de l'Institut. Evening dress required for the longest night of the year§ The Gala is a must-see event, which each year welcomes nearly 2,000 people in  an entirely new setting. The Lasallian touch : the profits go to charity.
  • The Ovalies UniLaSalle. Europe's biggest university rugby tournament with a humanitarian purpose! 80 teams, 2,000 players and supporters, entertainment... More than an event a generous state of mind that attracts teams from France and elsewhere. All this for the benefit of one or more associations.
  • La Soirée Prestige. Is an opportunity to celebrate under the sign of elegance. In the organization team, you wille not lack imagination to organize it every year in a sumptuous setting... Simple participant, you will not forget any!
  • Gardenia will allow you to share your passion for plants and gardening. Every year : an exhibition-sale of rare plants on the Institute's premises and numerous missions to promote and protect plant areas, notably through restoration work on exceptional garden.
  • Opale is your dream association if you are passionate about beautiful stones. Every year, towards the end of march, you will organize the now famous Beauvais Mineral and Fossil Exchange, which welcomes exhibitors from all over France. With OPALE, you will participate in Euromineral in Saintes-Marie-Aux-Mines.
  • Alibabaa, for Lasallian Association of Initiation to the B.A.BA of Food. Objective: to make the youngest ones aware of the notions of balanced diet. You will regularly intervene with the primary school of Beauvais by proposing playful actions around this theme.
  • Every year, UniRaid brings together students for an international solidarity trip. You will prepare it throughout the year thanks to events to raise the necessary funds.
  • Solidari'terre offers you 3 areas of action: at the international level, at the local level in connection with solidarity associations and in the field of environmental protection.
  • The Com'Sono works hand in hand with the Com'Foyer for festive events and students parties. With her you will sound the big events of the year.
  • The Tourist Rally. By car, bike or horse, it's an opportunity to discover the Oise in a different light. At each stage, entertainment awaits you. Play the game!
  • The Com'Out encourages you... to get off campus! Organised outings and special rates for the Beauvais auditoriums or the Zenith in Amiens.
  • The Chaplaincy is the crossroad of spiritual life at the Institute. Talk'cafes, reflection dinners, meeting with solidarity associations, organisation of masses on campus... The Chaplaincy offers you a special event every year in October : The Chaplaincy Walk. A festive, prayerful and moving time too.
  • The BD'Thèque is for you if you're a comic book buff§ You will find many references, from the "general public" to the most confidential, from the must-see to the manga, to borrow or read on the spot in the reading room of the association, open every day from 1to 2pm and 8 to 9pm.
  • The Com'Musique accompanies you in the practice of your passion. Support to groups in the setting up of their concerts, accompaniment of the formation of new groups. You will have access to a rehearsal room, equipped with different instruments and sound equipment.
  • The Com'Photo will allow you to work in workshops, supervised by a professional photographer, in connection with writing workshops. Your works will be exhibited in the school, on the occasion of the Photaumnales, the photo festival of the city of Beauvais. You will take part, with the Association of Engineers and Former Students, in the organization of the annual photo competition offered to students who have gone abroad for internships.
  • The Com'Theatre is open to you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced actor. You will follow courses with a professional director and will approach theatrical games (voice placement, improvisations...) before preparing a show played at the end of the year at the Theatre du Beauvaisis. You will benefit from reduced rates to follow the Theatre season in Beauvais.
  • The Choeur de LaSalle : accepts all choral singing enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced: a tried and tested remedy against gloom! as will the LaSalle Symphonic Orchestra, you will be able to perform at the school's major events. [https://facebook.com/chœur.lasalle.beauvais]
  • Com'Airsoft offers you to practice this art cousin of paintball. Objective : "play seriously without taking yourself seriously"!
  • The Com'Art welcomes drawing enthusiasts. Amateur artist, interested, expert : you are welcome to practice, learn, share your practices and techniques.
  • LaSalle Ciné will facilitate your access to the cinematic culture! The commission proposes the diffusion of films in the amphitheatre at reduced prices, inbformation on the week's cinema releases : it is your reference to become an expert in the 7th art.
  • LaSalle Radio is the student radio on campus, with a team of columnists specializing in news, cinema, art, sports, and of course music. Become a pro by taking advantage of professional-quality equipment and studio facilities!
  • The Com'Jonglage offers you initiation or improvement in juggling. Bounce balls, clubs, diabolo, unicycle... You can perform it shows during events organized by the shool.
  • Pep's, the student platform of sound sharing supports you in your artistic projects! Its simple, you play, Pep's broadcasts! A good way to put your life in music.
  • The Com'un chef is for you, gourmet or not gourmet! You will cook around a theme and of course you will share the conviviality of the meals between apprentice chefs!
  • The Club Oeno will seduce you if you are passionate about wine. Discovery evenings, tasting workshops led by professionals that you will be pleased to welcome on campus.
  • The Com'Jeux de plateaux will plunge you into the world of war strategy, with battle simulations using figurines. An exciting universe for fans of the genre.
  • The Com'Jeux vidéo welcomes all console and video games enthusiasts: whether you are a neophyte or an expert, these evening can combine gustatory pleasures.
  • ACL, Association Cynégétique LaSallienne will put you in touch with all those who are passionate about hunting and nature. Events, conferences, competitions, outings, initiation to the hunting horn and so many other moments to share.
  • The BDS, Sports Office, organizes many sports events and university competitions throughout the year : School cross, Sports day, crystal games, FRSU and FNSU meetings... The sports office also organizes archery, dance and underwater hockey sessions (whose coach for the French men's espoir team is none other than a teacher-researcher from the Institute!)
  • The Com'bike meets your desires for a little bike ride at the weekend? A night mountain bike outing? The Com' bike rents bikes, tandems and scooters for the day!
  • LaSail' is the school's sailing and sliding association. Livaboard activities, light sailing, windsurfing, surfing, bodyboarding... You can take part in regattas such as the EDHEC Cruise Race. Your training "ground"? Canada's body of water, a stone's throw from the school.
  • Uniriders offers a range of activities around horse riding. You will choose rides, training courses, training sessions, cultural visits and can participate in the ACCAF championship.
  • The Com'Pompom seduces you? In a sporting and friendly atmosphere, you will deploy your rhyhtmic and choreographic talents in support of large-scale competitions such as the Ovalies, and will be coached by an outside instructor.
  • Com'Rock combines the art of the dance and sports practice. Beginners or experts, she opens her arms to allow to progress all year round and to invest in numerous events.
  • Vach'Expo: passionate about breeding and genetics, you will represents UniLaSalle at various animal scoring and judging competitions. You will participate each year in the international Agricultural Show by taking the 4 most beautiful cows of the Institute. You will multiply contacts with animal production professionals.
  • Agreenov is a tool to promote agricultural innovation for students, professionals and UniLaSalle employees. You will develop your ability to organize training courses and technical days.
  • GEODE, a non-profite organization, aims to provide material for the promotion of the Geology speciality, to forge links and promote better professional integration.
  • The TSP speciality office is at the service of Bachelors in geology. If you are looking for an intership, a work-study programme, exchanges with other students or alummi... Join us!
  • LaSalle Geotech expands the field of knowledge in geology. you will find the opportunity to participate in field trips, conferences and geotechnical tests.
  • LaSalle Hydrogeol offers you a theoretical complement and assistance in contacts with professionals in the sector, plus a programme of conferences and outings.
  • SEG Student Chapter LaSalle France is affiliated with the Society of Economic Geologists which brings together mining geologists from around the world. The association allows you to deepen your knowledge of geology outside of school and to create bridges between the world of studies and the business world.
  • Student Chapter of Geophysic is for geophysical enthusiasts, in all its forms§ the association is affiliated withe the SEG Society of Exploration Geophysicists ans sponsored by CGG Veritas and Paradigm: an opportunity to build a strong international network and a wide open door to career opportunities.
  • AAPG Student Chapter UniLaSalle : for you, geology students, energy resources course, a dynamic team and projects that make you dream.

Living on campus sometimes requires the need for services or equipment. Several "commissions" will meet your expectations.

  • The Com'Roneo will facilitate your access to school supplies: binders, photocopy cards, pens, herbarium sheets... You will also find stamps, washing machine tokens and other useful items for everyday life.
  • The Com'brico  is a reservoir of materials, but also of ideas and skills. It offers help and support for small jobs and is happy to lend you materials for major campus events
  • The Com'boutik offers you a whole catalogue of articles stamped UniLaSalle, which allow yu to wear the school's colours.
  • HandiLaSalle multiplies actions to raise awareness of disability and partnerships in a very innovative dynamic.You can get involved in the organization or simply participate in these ambitious programs, whose goal is to make youg people with desabilities want to pursue higher education. The richness of the exchanges is guaranteed!
  • The Com'internationale organized around students of various nationalities, offers a space of discovery and sharing of cultures. Actions and animations that make you travel.
  • The Com'salon invites you to participate in the various events organised to represent and promote UniLasalle. Dozens of forums in French high schools, student fairs, open days, interview days for future students. A transmission and continuity tool accessible to all.
  • Jobs service is your reference for paid work. Your clients : the Institute, external companies or individuals. the mission are simple and punctual.
  • UniLaSalle projects : it is the Junior enterprise of UniLaSalle. In this economic association, member of the National Conference of Junior Enterprises, you will offers companies services in your fields of expertise: agriculture, food-health, and geology-environment. So many very professional, precious and formative links.
  • The Com'Foyer is the place where you live, the essential place on campus! the foyer, a place to relax, meet and share, offers entertainment and evening events throughout the year.

The main student events

Try it, you'll be transformed!

The "Ovalies LaSalle Beauvais" tournament is the largest European university rugby tournament. It is also one of the most eagerly awaited events by UniLaSalle students and many schools in france and Europe.

Every year for more than twenty years, 80 4th year students have been working hard to organize an edition even more beautiful than the previous one.

Over the course of a weekend, more than 3,500 people and 75 rugby teams come together to make the values of the Ovalies resonate : friendship, sportsmanship an generosity. Thanks to rugby and the commitments of students, the ovalies support solidarity actions by donating the profits generated during the tournament to associations.

La Nuit de l'Institut is an exceptional evening for uniLaSalle. The school opens its doors to 3000 guests, students, alumni, teachers, but also residents of Beauvais and the surrounding area.

Shows and entertainment are offered in a school revisited, with a highly festive atmosphere, and the agora, also carefully decorative, becomes the venue for a gala evening!

This event is the fruit of a year's work and investment on the part of about a hundred 4th year students, who fully integrate Lasallian values and share them by supporting a humanitarian project; part of the profits from the evening is donated to an association.


By car, bike or horse, The touristic rally is an oppportunity to discover the Oise in a different light.

At each stage, entertainment awaits the competitors, who will have taken care to disguise themselves according to chosen theme.

The Beauvais Minerals and Fossils Exchange is not only about seeing and buying minerals, fossils and jewelry...

It is above all discovering geology and admiring the products of the Earth.

This discovery can be done at any age: for young children with the geological animation stands, run by geology students; for older children with prestigious exhibitions, conferences and 3D projections!

More than 2100 admissions and around 550 children enjoy this event every year on the last weekend of March.

Gardenia is a student association of UniLaSalle

Created in 2007, its main objective is the organization of a floral exhibition of the same name that takes place in October at the Institute.

It brings together about twenty passionate exhibitors and more than 1000 visitors curious to discover the world of exotic plants: succulents and tropical plants, cacti, orchids, bonsai. But we also welcome reptiles, turtles, fish...

At the same time as this event, Gardenia also promotes and protects plant areas, particularly through restoration projects for exceptional gardens.


From the organizer's point of view, the graduation ceremony reflects the willingness of a team to prepare the best possible celebration for the completion of the years of study at UniLaSalle.

Its a really special event because for some parents it's the first time they've come back to the Institute since the beginning of the first year. Through this day, they will relive their children the years spent at the Institute.

For the graduates, it is finally time to receive this famous "paper" which allows them to start working life. and the graduation ceremony allows them to share the joy of receiving the diploma as a family, at the heart of the lasallian community! It is also the occasion for each class to get together to remember some memories and to create many others.