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Make the most of your student life on the UniLaSalle - ESIEE-Amiens campus!

As well as being a place to study, UniLaSalle Amiens is also a place where you can fulfill your potential.

Student life at UniLaSalle Amiens is punctuated by a wide range of activities run by the Mission éducative et de la Vie étudiante (DMVE) department, and by students themselves through their commitment to community life.

Thirteen clubs and associations offer a wide range of activities and events throughout the year.

Student life orchestrated by the Bureau des élèves (BDE)

The Bureau des élèves, the central body for student life at Unilasalle Amiens, focuses its activities on three main areas:  

  •  It represents students in dealings with the school management and the Educational Mission and Student Life Department,   
  • It coordinates community life, acting as a link between the various clubs and associations,   
  • It organizes festive events, opening the year with the Welcome Weekend for new students.


A community life structured around four themes


UniSique supports students in the practice of music. It offers individual lessons, group workshops and Jam sessions during which students can develop their listening skills and musical collaboration.


UniLaComédie offers drama classes led by a professional actress who, after working on the fundamentals with students (voice placement, use of space, etc.), prepares a theatrical performance with them for the end of the year.


CPUA introduces students to the practice of photography, from shooting to computer processing. The club covers events organized by the school's associations, and organizes photo exhibitions and competitions.

Chroniques de la Soucoupe

Chroniques de la Soucoupe invites all board game enthusiasts to join them. Those interested can discover the captivating world of role-playing games.


Uni'Chess players all aim to inflict checkmate on their opponents. Members of the office introduce beginners to this game of combinatorial strategy and reflection, and organize tournaments throughout the year. 

LAN Club

The LAN Club welcomes all console and video game enthusiasts to share pleasant moments or battle it out in competitions.


UniBes works for the well-being and health of students. The association is organized around three poles: a pole dedicated to the fight against violence, discrimination and harassment, a pole dedicated to solidarity and a pole dedicated to health. The students involved carry out information, awareness and prevention actions in close collaboration with the Educational Mission and Student Life Department.


Every Thursday afternoon, HORUS visits children hospitalized at Amiens University Hospital, entertaining them with a variety of activities proposed and led by members of the association.


UniDev's ambition is to create a student community around programming and computing in general. The association offers workshops to build skills in different computer languages, website creation for school associations and initiates projects such as mobile applications.  


Unimakers aims to give students at the school the opportunity to get involved in collaborative projects in which they can develop and share scientific and technological know-how. The association is organized around three poles: a Robotics pole, a Model-making pole and a Makers pole (projects).


SCREEB, UniLaSalle Amiens' microbrewery, launched in 2023 to produce beers and organize brewing and tasting workshops for students.

Bureau des Sports

The Bureau des Sports, BDS, is responsible for promoting the benefits of sporting activities. Five sporting activities are offered to members: basketball, handball, futsal, rugby and raid. The BDS takes part in and organizes various sporting events and competitions.