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On our Rennes Campus, student life takes place as much at the school as on the Ker Lann campus or in the heart of the Brittany capital.

With 10 associations & numerous relationships with other associations on the Ker Lann campus, the associative life is rich on the Rennes campus of UniLaSalle.
Festivities, environment, humanitarian, sport, gardening, solidarity, sustainable development, music, games, handicap, awareness, junior enterprise.... the themes are numerous and all projects are allowed.

Want to get involved? Discover the associations ?

Association BDE UniLaSalle Rennes-EME The BDE, or Student Office, is the association that represents all the students of UniLaSalle - Rennes Campus. composed of about ten students, its mission is to make life a the school dynamic and friendly, to federate all the students and to develop a spirit of solidarity, because the EME is a big family!

To achieve this, the BDE is often in collaboration with the other associations of the school : BDA, BDJ, BDS, K'fête, Eco-challenge, Humanit'EME...

For a year full of twists and turns, many events are organized by the BDE. INCONTOURNABLE, they are an intregal part of the student's life.

  • A week and a weekend of cohesion, the WEC!

In order to facilitate meetings between new students and classes, from the beginning of the school year the BDE organises, together with the other associations of the school, a week of cohesion with a presentation of the associate life, sports events, an orienteering race in Rennes and vigils on the campus. The week ends with a three-day cohesion weekend in Brittany where all student are invited. On the programme : games, good humour and exchanges... each student will be assigned a sponsor for the year.

  • Themed events

Sponsor, Christmas party, handing over of the associations, departure of the last years, end of the school year, preparation of the gala... and surprise events throughout the year in connection with the various associations.

  • The gala

A gala evening follows the graduation ceremony : all students, professors and administrative staff are invited to attend. Evening dress is of course required!

The BDE is also a good way to get good deals, thanks to partnerships (bank, insurance, catering, leisure activities...) and a dynamic team, always ready to surprise and animate the school for a memorable year!

Always ready to serve its classmates, the BDE will be happy to answer any questions on its mailbox : bde-rennes@asso.unilasalle.fr

The BDE Facebook page

The Insta page of the BDE

Association BDS Campus de Rennes UniLaSalle - Rennes campus, through the BDS, participates in four major tournaments throughout the year : The Ker Lann Olympics,  The Atalante Tournament, The Green Marathon and the CAS.

The BDS actively participates in the school's community life, offering sports activities in the campus gymnasium or outside,         supervised by a sports manager.

The BDS is engaged with the FFSU organization of the university sports at the city of Rennes. Football, handball, basketball, rugby and volleyball are developed there and attract no less than 60 registered students (FFSU license). We also offer other sports, such a s a tennis, on the outdoor courses of the campus, running or "pom pom"...

We also offer leisure outings : wakepark, karting, laser game, paint ball or multiple activities at the beginning of the year for the WEC.

Depending on the year we propose different projects to meet all your expectations:

  • setting up fitness
  • create a partnership with Bruz Karting
  • to approach the Rennes swimming pools
  • boosting university sports
  • boosting women's sports
  • organize a ski trip

Contact : bds-rennes@asso.unilasalle.fr

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BDS Facebook page

The BDS Insta page

Association BDJ Campus de Rennes  The BDJ gives students the opportunity to play board games and leisure activities several times a year. Through the organization of several events, the BDJ allows student volunteers to relax and have fun in good company.

On the program this year : egg hunt, Giant Clue, board game rental, blindtest or Mario Kart / FIFA tournament.

Alone or in group, it allows them to integrate and make beautiful encounters.

Contact : bdj-rennes@asso.unilasalle.fr

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BDJ Facebook page

The BDJ Insta page

Association étudiante BDA UniLaSalle Rennes

 The Bureau Des Arts allows you to unleash the artist in you! Whether you prefer painting, music, photography, writing, or other, the association offers you throughout the year events, contests, challenges, to express yourself. The BDA gives you the opportunity to be creative and to show your talent.

Freshly reformed at the start of the 2020 school year, the BDA has already proposed the Uniktober challenge (1 creation per day for 1 month), photo contests (with a new theme every month), set designs for the school (sets for escape games and Halloween decorations), or quizzes to test the artistic culture of students and employees.

Soon, you will also be able to join the orchestra, to make the most beautiful music resound in the school, propose your recommendations in our shared library, and follow our tutorials...

Don't hesitate to contact the BDA (bda-rennes@asso.unilasalle.fr), send your works, or propose your projects (even the craziest, nothing scares us). We are always looking for new artists!

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Association étudiante Humanit'AIME UniLaSalle Rennes

Humanit'Aime is a student association whose aim is to carry out social actions and solidarity projects to help people in precarious situations, people with disabilities, etc., and to raise awareness of these causes among students. Our values are: mutual aid, service, creativity, perseverance, solidarity and cohesion.

Our objectives:

  • To carry out concrete actions close to people in need   
  • To carry out projects in favor of fair trade   
  • To develop our network in order to enlarge our field of action

Our actions :

  • To help people in precarious situations by collecting personal hygiene products for the association of Bulles Solidaires, clothes for the Red Cross and by carrying out marauding in Rennes.   
  • To support the persons in situation of handicap by helping them to finance their project by collecting corks thanks to our partners Solidarité Bouchon 35   
  • To participate in the fair remuneration of farmers by supporting and sensitizing the students to the fair trade thanks to our partners Bretagne Cens and Artisan du monde.

To join the members by mail : HumanitAime@asso.unilasalle.fr

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Association Eco-Challenge Campus de Rennes Eco-Challenge is an association under the law of 1901 created in 1992, that is to say at the origin of the school! The aim of this association is to promote environmental protection within the School of Environmental Professions, but also outside. Its main objective is to reach out to everyone in order to raise awareness.

Eco-Challenge's actions are locally based in favour of the defence of the environment. Thanks to its team, this association develops and carries out projects around three themes : biodiversity, waste and awareness. It is part of an inter-association approach based on local networks in order to raise the awareness of as many people as possible to the protection of the environment. Eco-Challenge carries out its actions in school, festivals, or with local partners such as Ille et Bio...

Eco-Challenge acts in partnership with Les Connexions, an association for raising awareness of waste sorting at events, and therefore participates in awareness days at major events such as the Paris Marathon or the Panoramas festival in Morlaix.

Contact : ecochallenge@asso.unilasalle.fr

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Eco-Chalenge Facebook page

Eco-Challenge Insta page

Association Cop Trotter UniLaSAlleRennes

COP Trotter is an association that is committed to the fight against global warming. For this, our actions are diverse: organization of debates, awareness raising events, ecological monitoring through our monthly newspaper (News Trotter) and participation in various social movements such as the climate marches, etc.

To inscribe our action in a national policy, we are part of the French Student Network for Sustainable Development (REFEDD). Through this, we are in contact with several French associations mobilized for an ecological and united society. With these partnerships we act on a larger scale to build the youth movement in the fight against climate inaction.

The particularity of our association lies in our participation in the COPs, where we realize a journalistic work, to report the measures which are evoked there. But also of representation of the youth and higher education in these spheres generally very far from the movement of the new generations.

Our regular yearly services :

  • Monthly News Trotter.   
  • Monthly debates.

Our special events in 2020-2021:

  • The Climate Fresco   
  • We have joined the movement of several youth associations such as Green Vox to support the climate laws proposed by the citizen's climate convention to bring them before the deputies and parliamentarians.   
  • Events in collaboration with other associations of the school like the advent calendar...

Contact : coptrotter@asso.unilasalle.fr

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logo UNIVERT Rennes

Initially a garden of EdEME and attached to Eco-Challenge, Univert became independent to become an association under the French law of 1901 in the summer of 2020. Univert aims to maintain an educational and solidarity garden within UniLaSalle Rennes by respecting the rules of permaculture, as well as by bringing together students and staff of the school in order to donate the production to the Restos du Cœur.

Because of its young age, the Univert association is involved in projects of various sizes.

One-off events:

The association is involved in one-off events such as the European Week for Sustainable Development (EWSSD), World Food Day, the national day against food waste, bench making, Green Day, etc.

Long-term projects:

Garden: Univert is invested in the rehabilitation, expansion and development of the UniLaSalle Rennes garden. The aromatic spiral, an area composed of aromatic herbs, is being rehabilitated. The layout of the garden has been reviewed, with the creation of benches, with the aim of making the visit of the garden by the students more pleasant. In the same way, information panels and a new insect hotel are being made. Univert also opens the doors of the garden to projects outside the association, which is why new plots have been created. A cultivation project with school children or a project on the impact of different fertilizers on the growth of different plants launched by a teacher are underway.

PAVI: Univert is in discussion with the administration of UniLaSalle Rennes in order to carry out a Project of Interior Vegetation Management (PAVI). The aim of this project is to bring color and nature into the heart of the school in order to enhance our premises. Extensions of this project are possible with the landscaping of some outdoor spaces, the placement of plants in the staff offices and the sale of plants to students.

Many other ideas are still in the works! In the meantime, follow their latest news!

Contact: Univert@asso.unilasalle.fr

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logo UP Rennes

The junior creation of the Rennes Campus, newly called UniLaSalle Projects (UP Rennes) allows students to put their theoretical teachings into practice by carrying out studies or projects for various clients. In particular, it carries out environmental or quality audits.

The junior creation team relies on the diversity of profiles present in the school and the skills of each student acquired during their studies to respond to environmental issues. It allows each student present in this association to acquire experience for his or her professional project, to work on his or her network and to share knowledge.

To contact the members by email: uprennes@asso.unilasalle.fr

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Uni'Cap is the association born from the desire of UniLaSalle Rennes students to make things happen on the issue of disability. Their objectives:
💭Thinking and acting for inclusion
🗣Sensitization and awareness
🤲Solidarity and spirit of mutual aid

All this with a lot of energy!

To join the association: Unicap@asso.unilasalle.fr

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Created in 2011, the Ker Lann Student Association is an association that brings together the BDEs of the schools on campus and aims to provide services (grocery delivery, "basket croc" of fruit and vegetables from local producers, recharging bus cards ...) while creating links and diversity between the different schools.

Depending on the year, sports Olympics, "Ker Lann Fever" and "Welcome to Campus" parties are part of campus life.

If you have projects for your campus, and the desire to see them in BIG, join us quickly!

Contact: contact.bdekerlann@gmail.com

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