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Situated in Mont-Saint-Aignan, on a wooded area located 15 minutes walk from the center of Rouen, the Rouen campus offers the opportunity to practice many activities after classes.

Student life in Rouen

With its 45,000 students and its activities throughout the year, the agglomeration of Rouen is an ideal place for higher studies.

Being the most important economic and cultural center of Normandy, Rouen pampers its students through the organization of festive events. Highlight of the student year, the Zazimuts offer a very rich program of concerts, sports tournaments, shows and games to discover the city and facilitate meetings between students of higher education establishments.

Through its port activities, Rouen is also a city open to the world, which will seduce you as much by its lively streets as by its half-timbered facades.

Students Associations available at UniLaSalle

Bureau des Élèves BDE (Student Union) and Bureau des Sports BDS

Many activities (sport, culture, parties, etc…) are organised by and for the students. Join any of the 25 clubs!
(bee keeping, drawing/painting, rowing, basketball, horse riding, fencing, football, handball, karting, music
band, photo, archery, oenology, rugby, tennis, volleyball, …or any other association.

Please do not hesitate to contact them!


Sports facilities

You will benefit from many sport facilities on the campus nearby UniLaSalle: swimming pool, rugby and
football pitch, tennis courts, indoor sports, etc…) and also access to sport facilities in Rouen (ice hockey,
horse riding, fencing, rowing, etc…).

International events

International Fair

In November, the International Relations Office invites you to the « International Week »: you will present
your University and reply to the UniLaSalle students who would like to study abroad, you can also introduce
the French students and staff members to your country and its traditions.

Open Days (JPO = Journées Portes Ouvertes)

From December to March, 3 open days: you can spend one these days to present your University, country and

Nuit des étudiants du Monde (NEM) 

You will be invited to attend this national event organised by the Town Hall in October dedicated to the international students of Rouen to meet each other and receive useful information to spend an unforgettable academic and touristic semester/year in Normandy!

Normandy Welcome Day (NWD)

This event is organised by Région Normandie, CESAR and the Higher Education Institutions for all International Students (February 2019).


Main events

  • Tournoi Normandie Tech (TNT) is an annual tournament of many sports.
  • Kick Off is an annual tournament of football with masculine and feminine teams.
  • Les Zazimuts is a programme of culture and sport free animations, best way to discover Rouen city.