It's the final stretch before the Parcoursup results!

Are you still hesitating in your choice of training? We give you 10 good reasons to join a UniLaSalle course for the start of the 2022 academic year.

#1 - A Grande École recognized for 170 years

Founded in 1854 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute has been able to evolve and develop while preserving its specific features which today make it its strength: its Lasallian pedagogy based on the accompaniment of students, the important place given to their associative commitments, and its membership in one of the largest educational networks in the world


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#2 - Expertise in many fields

Over the course of its history, UniLaSalle has broadened its field of competence to cover a wide range of scientific fields today. Agri-food, agronomy & food engineering, food & health, energy, environment, geosciences, digital, veterinary sciences... You are bound to find a course that meets your expectations!

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#3 - A school recognized by the rankings

We are happy to study at UniLaSalle! It's not us who say so, it's the Happy at School ranking! While some rankings are based on the opinions of students, others evaluate the quality of the courses and their recognition by companies via precise criteria. And here again, UniLaSalle is well positioned in its various fields of expertise.

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#4 - Less than 5 weeks to find a job

At UniLaSalle, our freshly graduated engineers find a job in less than 5 weeks on average! This is what the figures from the annual survey of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles reveal, conducted each year among the last three classes of engineers who have graduated from the school.

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#5 - A common pre-engineering cycle leading to 5 diplomas

At UniLaSalle, your engineering training necessarily begins with a 2-year pre-engineering cycle, consisting mainly of common core courses. 2 years which will enable you to think carefully about your choice of orientation towards one of our 5 engineering degrees.

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#6 - Apprenticeship offered for all our engineering courses and our Bachelors

For even more professionalization, all our engineering courses and our Bachelors are also available as work-study programs. This will give you solid experience in a company before you even leave school!

#7 - 29 international dual degrees

260 partner universities in 50 countries. There is no doubt that at UniLaSalle, international studies are a major part of your curriculum! It is an excellent way to open yourself up to other cultures and to improve your language skills while continuing to study in your preferred field.

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#8 - Sustainable Development

We train those who, tomorrow, will instill a sustainable development dynamic within their companies. We conduct research activities that support the environmental transition for socio-economic actors. Our historical values encourage commitment; we want this commitment to be directed towards a responsible society.

#9 - 4 modern campuses

Amiens - Beauvais - Rennes - Rouen. Each of our 4 campuses has its own identity, but one thing is certain: you will find all the necessary infrastructures for a quality education. Don't hesitate to come and discover them during an Open Day or by making an appointment with our Orientation and Admissions department!

#10 - A rich student life with over 100 associations

At UniLaSalle, the involvement of students in associative life is encouraged. And yes, it is a wonderful way to open up to others and to learn through the group! With more than a hundred associations on our 4 campuses, student life is particularly abundant!

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Questions about UniLaSalle?

Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm, the Orientation and Admissions Service organizes a live chat on the courses, the job opportunities and the life of the school. Don't hesitate to ask all your questions on this occasion!

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