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Wednesday 20 December 2023

Here, we know that tomorrow starts with good resolutions.

You always need a starting point.

Every adventure, every project, every change, every revolution starts somewhere.

What if UniLaSalle were the starting point for the changes tomorrow needs?

The cradle of the free, awakened minds that will have the power to innovate.

The origin of new ideas, less focused on individual needs, but more on collective necessities. 

The place where every student is revealed as a force for intelligent, lasting change in our society.


Sébastien WINDSOR, President, Jérôme FORTIN, Director of the Amiens campus, Geoffroy BELHENNICHE, Director of the Rennes campus, Philippe CHOQUET, Managing Director, Christophe BOSTVIRONNOIS, Director of the Rouen campus and Valérie LEROUX, Deputy Managing Director and all UniLaSalle employees wish you a happy new year 2024.

Happy new year


Happy new year


Happy new year