Thursday 09 February 2023

The Beauvais campus inter-promotional sports tournament brings together the proms, but not only that. Behind the scenes, a whole organization is put in place to offer a quality event.

The cheers of the fans echo in the gymnasium. For four days, UniLaSalle Beauvais lives to the rhythm of the Crystal Games, the campus' multi-sport tournament. On the program, 9 sports, 3 e-sports, but also a choreography tournament and animations.

Behind the scenes, the event mobilizes about fifty students. Among them, Alix, in 2nd year Food and Health, and Élouen, in 2nd year Agronomy. They tell us why they chose to get involved in the organization of the Crystal Games.

Alix, in charge of the animation pole: "the association is where we make the most beautiful meetings!"

"The association is very important; it's where you meet the most beautiful people! I found it more fun to get involved in a long event, hence my choice of the Crystal Games, which last 4 days.

I manage a team of 4 people in charge of preparing all the animations surrounding the tournament, especially to allow those who do not do sports to have a good time. We had to imagine the closing show and set it up from A to Z, with our means and taking care not to offend any public. My mission is also to go on stage in front of nearly 400 people to animate the evenings.

It's a job that requires good communication with the other managers of the poles, especially to coordinate the different moments that punctuate the event: managing the sound and all the little details that will make the Crystal Games a success.

Having the BAFA, I naturally turned to the animation pole, with the desire to be responsible, to manage a team. Animation is a lot of organization beforehand, but it's all fun during the event!"

Alix, responsable du pôle animation lors des Jeux de cristal 2023

Élouen, head of the logistics division: "My goal is to go through as many positions as possible to gain experience."

Elouen, responsable logistique lors des Jeux de cristal 2023

"I had experienced the event last year and I really liked it because it is a tournament that brings the classes together and creates a real cohesion within the campus. By joining the Crystal Games team, I hope to gain experience in terms of organization. I love to tinker, to move, to do things with my hands, that's why I chose the logistics pole.

We are 6 people, including one entirely dedicated to the sound system. Most of the work consists in knowing the expectations of all the poles in terms of material, which implies a lot of relationship with the other associations of the campus.

I had already been involved in the security division at the end of the integration dinner. This time, I am in charge. My goal is to go through as many positions as possible to gain experience and figure out what I would like to do at larger events."

Associations, a pillar of student life at UniLaSalle

With nearly 46% of students involved in a student association, the Beauvais campus offers an incomparable life experience. This commitment comes straight from its Lasallian roots, which place the assumption of responsibilities by students among the pillars of the Institute's educational project. In addition to leading and organizing activities that promote the well-being of students, community life contributes to the acquisition of management and project management skills that will be invaluable when students graduate and join the professional world.

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Illustration photo: Crystal games

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