Thursday 01 June 2023

Bellycare, the Lasallian entrepreneurial start-up represented by Melissa, Maxime and Rémy, has just launched the first orders for its ready-to-eat meals for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

After launching Bellycare in 2021, Melissa Bertin, Maxime Blanc and Rémy Degrolard, all three UniLaSalle food & health graduates, have just launched the first pre-orders for their low-foodmap ready meals.


What is irritable bowel syndrome?

It's a condition characterized by abdominal pain, transit problems and bloating.

These attacks affect the quality of life of 9 million French people, leading to sick leave, social isolation and daily apprehension.

Les amis du bidou


How can we help?

With ready-to-eat dishes that are low in FODMAPs - the little sugars that are partly responsible for digestive problems.

Whether it's sweet-spiced chicken, shepherd's pie, paella-style rice, pad Thai-style fried noodles or beef bourguignon, BellyCare has drawn inspiration from recipes from near and far for its first 10 products, to help reconcile sensitive intestines with their taste buds.

Les amis du bidou need your help to revolutionize the management of chronic digestive disorders!

To place your order, visit the Ulule fundraising site.


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