Thursday 07 October 2021

"To visit...The natural heritage of the Oise" proposes to take the reader on a geological tour of the department to discover its natural and heritage riches

The latest book co-authored by Christian Montenat and several UniLaSalle teacher-researchers has just been published. This book, "Pour visiter...Le patrimoine naturel de l'Oise" (To visit...The natural heritage of the Oise) proposes to take its readers on a geological tour of the department in order to discover the natural and heritage riches that constitute the imprint of the History and activities that have shaped the landscapes of this territory created in 1790.

This book has been conceived as a support for teachers and students, encouraging and inviting the general public to explore the four great terroirs that are the French Vexin, the Pays de Bray, the Plateau Picard and the Valois. These four natural regions are the subject of discovery routes marked out by various points of interest allowing the understanding of the close link between the diversity of the rocks and the vegetation cover. The link with the development of certain specific industries in the region is widely informed and documented and makes it possible to become aware of the relations between geology, landscape morphology, hydrographic networks, exploitation of materials and the establishment of buildings.


livre Pour visiter... Le patrimoine naturel de l'Oise

  • Title of the book : To visit... The natural heritage of the Oise   
  • Authors: Christian Montenat, Emmanuel Das Gracas, Pascal Barrier, Cyril Gagnaison, Lise Gransac, Benoît Proudhon, Yannick Vautier (coordinator).
  • Publisher: UniLaSalle - ISBN: 978-2-9578867-0-8   
  • Year of publication : 2021   
  • Price : Free of charge

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