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Thursday 08 July 2021

A major achievement of the 3rd year, the multidisciplinary projects offered on the Amiens campus enable students to put their scientific and technological skills into practice. They bring their creativity to innovation on research projects, notably by collaborating with partner companies.

This year, the students implemented projects in the fields of embedded electronics, software development, mechanical design, web technologies and objects.

A look back at a project combining digital technology and sustainable development: POUBECO

"Poubeco is a project combining technology and sustainable development. It is a waste garbage can capable of compacting recyclable waste in an automated and secure manner. Poubeco will allow users to limit their trips to the local dumpsters but also the space occupied by waste at home. We hope this state-of-the-art garbage can will delight as many people as possible."

The Amiens campus is positioned at the heart of digital transformations, which can through this example of a project, come to meet sustainable development.