Monday 12 April 2021

From June 9 to 11, 2021, UniLaSalle will conduct its first training course in partnership with Ecole Ducasse, on its Paris campus dedicated to the culinary and pastry arts.

A unique and innovative training by two experts in their field

On Tuesday 13 April, Ecole Ducasse and UniLaSalle announced their collaboration to create a training course for health catering professionals. The objective: to add a nutritional dimension to the culinary practices of experts in the sectors of EHPAD, hospitals and clinics, follow-up care establishments, functional re-education centers, and also in collective catering or in the agri-food sector.

Ecole Ducasse combines its culinary skills with the scientific and nutritional skills of UniLaSalle, which 20 years ago created the first 5-year engineering course specializing in the field of food and health. This partnership marks the co-construction of an innovative professional training program.

A partnership that makes sense for UniLaSalle

The preparation and service of meals in establishments receiving vulnerable people, such as retirement homes or hospitals, require the adoption of a global approach making it possible to optimize food intake without forgetting the pleasure dimension. Because "feeding your fellow citizens well today means better care tomorrow", catering is more than ever an integral part of care in all these establishments.

"This partnership is a response to the evolution of the health sector, which considers food to be a continuity of care, a subject that UniLaSalle has been studying for several years," explains Philippe Pouillart, a teacher-researcher at UniLaSalle, who is involved in writing the educational content and in training the culinary experts enrolled in the program.


From theory to practice, a 3-day training course

Day 1

Presentation by Philippe Pouillart, teacher-researcher in culinary practice and health at UniLaSalle, Toque Française since 2017 and member of the collective against undernutrition, AFSOS, SFNCM, ACEHF. The objective of this first theoretical part will be to give advice on how to cook food in order to preserve all its nutritional richness, but also to learn which foods are to be favored according to the physio-pathological situation of the persons

Day 2 and 3

Practical application with the Head of Training and Production of Ecole Ducasse, Thomas Guichard. The professionals will put into practice the theoretical bases they have learned: food preparation and cooking, modified textures, food technologies, natural enrichment methods, but also the choice of the right products and the preparation of the dishes.... because the objective of this training is precisely to combine nutritional benefits, taste pleasure and aesthetics of the plate to preserve the conviviality of the meals

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