Wednesday 24 February 2021

David Houben, teacher-researcher in soil sciences & soil biogeochemist has just published a scientific article related to the FUI Biochar project; this article is carried by the Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRAE).

This scientific project aims to evaluate the effect of alteration on the biological stability and fertility of biochar-compost formulas.  The use of biochar, which is a solid residue from the pyrolysis of biomass, is also suggested in agriculture.

Indeed, the application of this kind of charcoal would allow to increase soil fertility while sequestering carbon for very long years, a consequent advantage in the fight against climate change! But what are its long-term effects? In this study, carried out by INRAE researchers as part of the FUI Biochar 2021 project, the effect of aging on biochar-compost interactions is analyzed. It is shown that unlike fresh biochar, aged biochar tends to promote compost mineralization and increase soil fertility. While the intensity of these effects depends on the type of biochar and the type of soil in which it is incorporated, the results have important implications for the long-term assessment of biochar effects on agrosystem functioning.

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